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Triangles - Pattern Reveal 0

Greetings, dear readers. Thank you for coming back for another week! This week is the last in our Triangles Series for a while. I’ll be revealing the poll winners and the triangle layouts you have selected for my two baby quilts!


The first one is for the first how-to where I did larger triangles in the blue/grey and yellow fabrics. You can go back and read all about that method by clicking here, and see all of the options I presented by clicking here.

My friends, you could not have steered me wrong if you tried, but I have to say that your selection is absolutely perfect. It matches the one I secretly wanted to do myself! Drumroll please…

You selected the OFFSET DIAMOND layout!

I am so excited for this quilt now that I have a direction. I currently have three friends who are pregnant. One with a boy, and two with mystery babies. So I need to make 2 gender-neutral quilts, and one boy quilt! However, to me, this one is screaming for a pink border, so I think I might make it a girl quilt and keep it in reserve for the next girl baby that comes my way. I just can’t resist!


The next reveal is for the second demonstration. For that one, I made smaller triangles in a darker color palette. The how-to is still up for you here, and the options for the layout were actually posted just last week. You can see those by clicking here.

Unlike the first triangle quilt, I didn’t really have a secret preference for this batch of triangles. I was so, so torn that I truly needed the help from you readers! It seems that you all were not nearly as torn as I was.

It was a decisive victory for....  the pinwheel layout!


And you know what? I love it. It’s traditional, tried-and-true, and playful and lovely for a baby quilt! Now that it’s decided, I could not be more sure that this is the right choice. This one is definitely going to be one of the gender-neutral quilts. I’m imagining a very dark grey border and binding. It will be a seriously cool dark and moody feeling, which will be really neat combined with the traditional pinwheel layout.

I know “dark and moody” isn’t a typical baby-quilt feeling. But I’ve always been of the mind that baby quilts don’t have to be covered in pastels and baby animals to be completely appropriate for a baby (although they certainly can be!). Honestly, to me it is more important that the parents like the quilt. The baby doesn’t know the difference!

Whenever possible, I try to do bright colors, high-contrast colors, or bold prints so the baby has some good visual stimulation and interest for “tummy time” on the quilt (good for brain development!). But that can be accomplished so many different ways, including using sophisticated/grown up fabrics and color schemes.

That being said, I’m a sucker for a good kid-specific fabric. So pastels and baby animals sneak into my designs here and there too! The point is, I don’t let myself be boxed in, and you shouldn't either!

Each project and each quilt-recipient is different, and I’m super excited that this particular baby quilt is going to be “dark and moody”. I think it will suit the parents’ tastes and should blend nicely with the forest theme they’re doing in their nursery.

Thanks so much for your help, readers! I’ll do a follow-up post down the road once I’ve actually gotten these sewn together, quilted, bound… you know, finished! Hopefully it doesn’t take me a million years, but with two small kids and a full-time day-job, I make no promises. So stay tuned! You'll be the first to know when they're done!

In the meantime, our next series for the Quilter’s Mart blog is going to be about charitable ways to use your quilting. We’re getting into the holiday season, and it is a great time to consider spreading joy any way you can. And I can think of no better way to bring joy (and warmth!) to others than through a quilt.

See you next week!
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Triangles - What Will These Become? 3

Hello, fellow quilt-enthusiasts! Did you have a chance to try my second triangle method? It’s a new, awesome favorite technique of mine, and now I have another stack of triangles that needs to be turned into a baby quilt!

Check out the different layout options below and pick your favorite. These triangles are significantly smaller than the first batch, so even though some of the layout options are the same as the first batch, they look different! We’ve even got another poll up for you to vote on the one you like!  VOTE HERE!


This is my tried-and-true triangle-user. Isn’t it cool that it looks so, so different with the small triangles vs. the big ones?! I will never stop loving this layout, so whenever I make triangles, I always test it out to see if it’s the winner (again!).


Flying Geese

Again, this is such a classic, I feel like it must always be a contender when I’m working with triangles. And with the smaller triangles, you get a lot more flying geese in your quilt top!



When considering classic options, pinwheels are another one that always make the list. They’re so beautiful and playful each and every time!



I wouldn’t normally call this layout “snakes”, but with the green fabric I used, they kind of look like snakes, don’t you think?

Chevron Combo #1

Okay, friends. This is where it gets interesting. With the smaller triangles and the high-contrast fabric choices, I discovered I was able to make some “combos” that looked really, really cool by mixing different techniques. Here is the first one, which combines stripes and chevron.


Chevron Combo #2

This one shows what happens when you only make one small tweak. I only switched out one row of the stripes in favor of a row of diamonds, and look what a difference it made!


Chevron Combo #3

For this one, I made another small tweak and ditched the stripes altogether. With diamonds above and below the middle chevron row, it looks wildly different to Chevron Combo #1, even though there is a (pun alert!) common thread of using a chevron technique in the middle row.


Stripe Combo

After doing the chevron combos, I found I kind of missed the stripes! So I put the stripes in the middle and diamonds above and below. Not too bad!

Diamond/Geese Combo #1

From the Stripe Combo, I got inspired by the diamonds and thought… let’s make that my center row! I also rotated the orientation, just for fun. After deciding on the center row, I felt like flying geese were needed, and voila! Here is Diamond/Geese Combo #1!


Diamond/Geese Combo #2

Flipping the geese and the orientation is such a small move, but made such a visual impact!


Diamond/Geese Combo #3

Again, a small flip of only two of the geese, and we have a totally different top!


Diamond/Geese Combo #4

And one more round of fliperoos, and we’ve got another iteration of diamonds + geese.


At this point, I had to stop myself. This is way, way more options than any sane person needs (but who said I was sane? Ha!), and the more options I created, the harder my decision was getting. When working with triangles, playing around and making small changes is so much fun because even moving a single piece gives you something brand new and exciting to consider. I could do it forever if I let myself!

I imagine at this point you’re all as overwhelmed as I am, but do you have a favorite? Which one should I make for my friend’s new baby? Help! VOTE HERE! 
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