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Happy Tuesday, everyone! I had so much fun last week reading your results of the Quilter’s Mart Personality Test in the comments. Thank you for sharing!

This week, we’re starting a new series, inspired by comments I’ve received every week. It seems that a lot of the Quilter’s Blog readers are new to quilting, or at least claim that they are “beginners”. This series is dedicated to you, and it is all about how to get started quilting.

I plan to cover a lot of ground, and my hope is that, in so doing, I’ll fill in some blanks for you, and help you feel more comfortable with the quilting process and more prepared for each project you take on.

The first topic in our “Quilting Basics” series is all about the quilting supplies you need to get started, or a “Basic Quilting Starter Kit”, if you will. Having the supplies you need is truly step 1 in quilting. Because without the supplies, you can’t execute the vision you have in your head.

Below is a list of what I think you need, and a shorter list of things that are nice to have.

Necessities- Nice-to-haves- As the series continues in the coming weeks, I’ll dive more into the specific uses for these items. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from experienced quilters - did I miss any essentials? Or do you have any favorite “nice-to-haves” that I didn’t mention?

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  • Carolyn Knees
Comments 17
  • jami beans
    jami beans

    Learned this one from the quilting marine. The use of a laser leveler to get straight long lines to cut material, and to square up quilts is awesome. I already have one in my tool box from 17 years of construction work. My quilts were always off skew. I’d say a nice have.

  • Tricia

    I really love having fork pins available when I’m sewing across and nesting seams.

  • Sandra Underwood
    Sandra Underwood

    I keep a pillowcase near by. When you have too small pieces to work with . Put them in the pillowcase and when it is full of scraps you will have a dog bed.

  • Joanie Thomas
    Joanie Thomas

    I like2103 country Lane I like
    the informaton on here, Itried to teach myself but it still comes out wrong. my lines don,t match up or are to long, just don,t know for sure what I am doing wrong.

  • Sue

    I haven’t been quilting long but from my very first quilt I needed a walking foot. So, I would put that in the necessary list. Thank you for all this good information.

  • Terry Carney
    Terry Carney

    Great list and I think you have pretty much everything. I would add a Teflon mat (supreme slider, or one like that) to the nice to have list. Although, I find that if I’m FMQing with a flannel backing it works better without the slider.

    At some point you just know the question will be asked “which ruler(s) do I need”…that’s a whole blog series in itself!

  • Debra a Hebel
    Debra a Hebel
    Nice to haves to me : 1. I really do love my lint roller catches a lot of those loose threads. 2. Also a magnetic needle holder, Ever dropped your container of pins " Oh my " what a mess …all you do is hold it on swipe them up all at once
  • beth d.
    beth d.

    I also use a stiletto for holding down fabric onto the presser foot of the machine.

  • Karen Graham Harrill
    Karen Graham Harrill

    A couple other items that are in my “gotta haves” bag that goes with me: Small Pencil Sharpener (those marking pencils will need fresh points!). A soft tape measure (60”). A notebook (I use a composition pad of graph paper )- Great for working out math, #pieces to cut, stitches used (there are literally a hundred stitches that are decorative that I might use on a quilt – I can write pattern number and stitch length/width settings for when I return to a project)

    I like having a set of colored pencils to color sketches on graph paper. A compass to draw circles. Tissue paper to draw quilting plans – that can be used as template for free motion quilting.

    I keep separate scissors for cutting fabric and paper – but also have a sharpener to “fix” my fabric sheers if anyone borrowed them.

  • Kelly

    I use an awl. I find it very helpful

  • Sherry

    Extra rotary cutter blades are nice to have on hand . Working with a dull blade can really slow you down.

  • Betty

    I am excited about this journey. I am so new to this and I have tons of stuff to learn. cant wait to get started!

  • Jo Lee Hazelwood
    Jo Lee Hazelwood

    I need a little something more to entice me to click on over to your 2nd page. I see the same thing every day and go on past. You could put the picture of the beginners’ items on the first page too.

  • Cheryl Lee
    Cheryl Lee
    This information is really helpful for a beginner like me.
  • Sara Swartwout
    Sara Swartwout

    🍷 wine, coffee, chocolate, and enjoy 😊 the time you have in your sewing place, no matter if it’s a corner, on the dining or a whole room.

  • Katherine

    Trash can!! Or soon you will be up to your Knees (!) in trimmings and thread ends. Yuk!!!

  • Jan

    Wonder Clips are a game changer. I don’t think I could bind a quilt without them now.

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