Hey there! Welcome back for another blog post! This week I want to talk about bloopers.

We all make mistakes. And I’m no exception!

I felt compelled to share two of my own bloopers - my most memorable and my most recent - when I was putting together the binding tutorial posts (part 1 and part 2). I made some mistakes on the baby quilts I recently finished that really bothered me, and thought you all deserved a little behind the scenes peek!

Namely, when I was top-stitching the binding, I didn’t pull it tight enough around the edge and ended up sewing too high on the backside of the quilt. The result was misplaced top-stitching on the back.

This bothered me so much that I was tempted to un-sew and redo it. But ultimately I decided that the quilts passed the galloping horse test and let it slide. If it had been on the front side, I might have un-sewed after all.

My most memorable blooper was on a quilt I made for my cousin. On one piece, I messed up and didn’t end up with the appropriate seam allowance. Instead of a quarter inch, it was more like an 8th of an inch… or maybe less!

I decided it was going to be fine and just kept piecing. And everything was fine... until my cousin washed it.

In the washer, the seam came apart!!! I could hardly believe it! (I can still hardly believe it!) But the thread just didn’t have enough to hold onto… and it opened right up.

She brought the quilt back to me, and I remade the piece and sewed a patch onto the top, applique style. That solution brought it back to a passing grade for the galloping horse test, but it was still a major woopsies, and I was totally embarrassed.

Ok, friends - spill the beans! Share your most memorable bloopers in the comments!

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