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Hello hello! As promised, this week’s post will be a tour of my newly re-furnished sewing room!

We have a lot to squeeze into our house, so to make our lives work with kids, toys, a bedroom for each kid, working from home, my husband’s love of video games, and my sewing habit, this space has had to become a multi-purpose room. The “sewing room” is also an office and gaming room - but I won't show you those parts because *snore* boooooring!

Prior to our little makeover, it was a hodge-podge of hand-me-downs, IKEA furniture, and one nice desk. Remember my sad, sewing setup from before? See below - what a disaster! The sewing space became a dumping ground, and it wasn't a very pleasant place to be!

We made it work, but felt like there was definitely a way to make it work better for us, and it wasn’t actually a complicated “fix” - all we needed was some new furniture and some organization.

So we picked out what we wanted, watched for sales, and then pulled the trigger as soon as prices were reasonable. A couple weeks later, things started trickling in. My husband built the furniture in one quick afternoon (let me tell you, having a handy husband is about as awesome as it gets!).

Now… huzzah! We have a somewhat matching, colorful, cheerful space that inspires creativity. And we just like being here!


My favorite thing is, of course, my new sewing desk. (P.S. I also have an antique Singer machine tucked in that wood piece under the window!)

The little drawers are perfect for keeping notions. I've got a collection of ribbon, too many colored pens to count, my rulers, cutting implements, pins, etc.

Between those little drawers and the lovely storage cabinet on the other side of the room, I’m able to stash away everything I have collected for my sewing habit without making the room feel cluttered.


I've been working on using fabric from my stash on new projects, and that effort has meant that my whole fabric collection (barely) fits in one section of the cabinet. The middle drawers are used for ongoing projects and my special Quilter’s Mart stuff (it has its own place of honor!).

My husband and I are so happy we did this simple makeover. The pregnant ladies in my life keep multiplying, so I will be camped out in here frequently in the upcoming months making baby quilts galore. What a lovely place to spend so much time! I feel inspired as soon as I walk in!

What is your favorite part of your sewing space? What would you like to change? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Carolyn Knees
Comments 7
  • Beverley Collins
    Beverley Collins

    I would like your white one

  • Beverley Collins
    Beverley Collins

    I have a sewing table like your brown one I took out the old machine and put in my new one and that is what I sew on but I need storages and don’t know what to get

  • Beverley Collins
    Beverley Collins

    Ok we’re do you live I’m in Newfoundland Canada come for a visit

  • Pamela W Fincher
    Pamela W Fincher

    My sewing space is kinda in the middle of the house. I can see all over the house, the front and back door. I have a great big window so plenty I have plenty of light. Most of all the fact that it is my space and mine alone is what I like best. I would love to find a cabinet like yours for storage. Right now I use containers.

  • Beverley Collins
    Beverley Collins

    I wish you would come and visit me and help me out I’m the worse person to get it in place Don t know how to do it

  • Joanna Flow
    Joanna Flow

    My sewing room is under construction currently. I have not had a space in quite some time. Once it is completed though, it will be a shared space for a t.v. room with a recliner, so any tips or suggestions you can give on mixing the space and keeping it organized would be wonderful!

  • Laura Palmer
    Laura Palmer

    I love your new room, especially the sewing desk! I’m in the process of changing my sewing room around. I also have a super handy husband. Can you share more details about your sewing desk and how it was made? Measurements? Materials? Finish? Thank you!

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