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Hello, readers! Welcome back! This week, we’re embracing the holiday season and starting our series on charitable ways to use your love of quilting.

For me, the holiday season has always been more about people and togetherness than anything else. Showing love and support of your fellow human is a year-round endeavor, but I think it is especially highlighted during the holidays because warmth and joy are on the mind.

When I think of warmth and joy, quilting immediately comes to mind. So if you also feel inspired to give during the holidays, we at Quilter’s Mart want to share with you a few ways that you can use your unique gift to wrap your fellow humans up in warmth and joy this season.

In the US last week, we celebrated Veteran’s Day. In the continued spirit of that holiday, our first quilting charity is Quilts of Valor. This charity was founded in 2003, and it has a lovely mission statement, which you can read below.

“The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.”

There are a few different ways to engage with this inspiring charity, which are listed below.


The first is to become a member (click here to learn more). There are individual annual memberships, group memberships, and lifetime memberships. There is even a Quilt Shop Program, where quilt shops can host Quilts of Valor events, carry a patriotic fabric line, and support the cause.

Making a Quilt

The second way to engage is by making a Quilt of Valor. If you are interested in doing this, there are some guidelines you should know about.

Many of the quilts donated through Quilts of Valor are done in a patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme. The Quilts of Valor Foundation has a complete list of requirements available here, but some of the highlights are that they must be made of 100% cotton fabric, they must be large enough to cover an adult, must be labeled as a Quilt of Valor, and must be machine or hand quilted.

To help you along, there are patterns available for free on the website (click here). There are also resources on the Quilts of Valor site for connecting with a Longarmer to quilt your masterpiece (click here).

Become a Longarmer

That leads me to the third way you can participate in the Quilts of Valor mission - you can become a Longarmer for the organization (click here)! This is a unique skill set, and a beautiful way to donate your time and resources to a worthy cause.


The final way to support the Quilts of Valor Foundation is through monetary donations. You can find out how by clicking here. Donations of any amount are appreciated. What your donation does is powerful. For example, a $25 donation supports quilting supplies, and a $300 donation supports creation of an entire Quilt of Valor.

The men and women of the US Armed Services have given so much of themselves to their country, and donating your time and/or skills to supporting and thanking them is a truly wonderful thing. If you know a Veteran who would benefit from receiving a Quilt of Valor, click here to request one for him or her.

We also encourage you to sign up for the Quilts of Valor e-newsletter by clicking here. They will keep you up-to-date on all the wonderful things they do.

Please share in the comments if you have any stories of donating to Quilts of Valor, or if you plan to participate with them in the future.

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  • Carolyn Knees
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  • Carol Kibler
    Carol Kibler

    I have been making quilts for Quilts of Valor for about 2 years. It is very heart warming to drape a quilt over a veteran’s shoulders.

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