Grieving a Local Quilt Shop


Readers, we all love Quilter’s Mart. Amiright?! We’ve got you covered here at good ole QM. But today we’re going to talk about your favorite local brick and mortar quilt shops. Or actually - correction - we’re going to talk about one of mine.

I’m sure you all will understand when I say that there are certain fabric stores that you walk into and you just feel at home. You immediately feel inspired, and there are a million things you could turn into a project just glancing around. And when you’re starting a new quilt, you think of that special place right away.
It might be a cute little boutique shop in town, or maybe you really love a good chain. For me? It was a big superstore. You see, I live in Portland, Oregon. And we were spoiled for years with Fabric Depot.
I almost never went anywhere else. Fabric Depot had everything. Batting, notions, a whole rainbow of thread, upholstery fabric, flannel, lace, ribbon, and more quilting cotton than you could ever dream of using. They even had Stroopwafels right up by the checkout counter!
I could always count on Fabric Depot for good deals, inspiration, basics, “extras”, and snacks!
Notice I’m referring to Fabric Depot in the past tense. They shuttered their doors suddenly and forever a few months back, and I’m still grieving! I thought my business alone was going to keep them afloat forever.

But alas, Fabric Depot went the way of so many local shops. Now, when I begin a new project and need to go see and feel fabrics in-person, I find myself without a brick and mortar quilting home! Has anyone else gone through this? I feel a bit adrift in my quilting creativity without my trusty local store!

So, my dear friends, in addition to your Quilter’s Mart patronage, please don’t forget to support local quilt shops! And please, tell us about your personal favorite shops in the comments below!

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  • Carolyn Knees
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  • Gloria Cummins
    Gloria Cummins

    I was unaware that they were closed. I am from Ohio and I used to order from them quite frequently . Sorry they are closed. 😢

  • Carol Ann Maurer
    Carol Ann Maurer

    As an author and quilt instructor, I whole heartedly support the three shops here in the Houston, Katy area. I could buy on line and get a discount, but there is nothing like taking classes, buying fabric you can feel, and getting advice from the girls and guys at the local quilt shop. In my beginning quilt classes I explain why it is important to support our local shops—and the difference between first and second run fabrics and thread counts….. In the Houston area, we still have Sew Fine Quilts, Quilt N Sew, and The Sewing and Vacuum Warehouse. I mourn the loss of Quilt Works who recently closed their doors, and have fond memories of Quilt Quarters, Time Treasured Quilts, and the very famous Great Expectations—of whom ladies and gents confused it with the dating service! It is very very sad when these shops close. Thanks for your post and your thoughts…

  • Victoria

    Fortunately there are several quilt shops within 10-20 miles of my house. However, I have a friend who sells wholesale fabric and she told me that when she started she had 250 shops across Arizona and New Mexico and into western Texas. Now she has about 100. Her theory is that the internet and online shopping have provided too much competition. I would bet that big box stores also give little shops competition especially with their coupons, however, the fabric quality is inferior to most of the fabric sold in small independent shops. And you rarely get the personal assistance or the terrific classes that independent shops offer. Sometimes I think our whole world will devolve into one big box store. It’s quite sad.

  • Vanessa

    We feel your pain here in Austin, TX too. In the last few years we have seen several fabric shops close due to out of control rent costs. It’s truly unfortunate when stores like these leave because they’re not just another fabric shop, but they provide services and an experience you can’t get anywhere else. They often carried materials that big-box stores don’t, and the ability to touch and drape fabric to make sure it’s right for your project is essential, and something you can’t get from ordering swatches. Plus, these shops were spaces for in-person lessons and opportunities to engage with professionals and other people face to face. Again, something that can’t always be replicated in the same way from online services.

  • Janice

    Both Hancock Fabrics and Joann’s closed in Napa, Ca. I shop at The Quilted Heart and Joann’s in Vacaville, and Cloth Carousel in Winters, Ca. Each shop carries beautiful fabrics.

  • Jean Byer
    Jean Byer

    We are very fortunate to have an awesome quilt store Custom Creations in Virden, MB Canada

  • Jean Byer
    Jean Byer

    We are very fortunate to have an awesome quilt store Custom Creations in Virden, MB Canada

  • Ginny McCann
    Ginny McCann

    Gloversville Sewing Center’s slogan is “We’re worth the trip.” And it is! Located in the foothills of New York’s Adirondack Mountains, about an hour drive from theTri-Cities of Albany, Schenectady & Troy and several suburban communities, it’s a home away from home. The stock is varied and extensive. The staff is welcoming and cheerful. And it doesn’t hurt that their expert sewing machine repair section serves a radius that extends into Connecticut and Massachusetts and pushes up towards the Canadian border. A store where everyone is on a first name basis, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

  • Linda D Crown
    Linda D Crown

    In Martinsburg, West Virginia, we had a lovely local quilt store, Nutmeg Lodge, it was the only fabric store for 35 miles. The store was a visual delight and primarily catered to quilters. The owner had quality cottons, wools, threads, and notions.

    I took it as a personal loss and still morn the loss when I see the vacant store. The ladies working there were full of knowledge and encouragement.

    It is so distressing to lose local small businesses. The trend to cookie cutter business is like everyone making the same quilt in the same fabric of the same color. Some do it better than others, but character and quality of the product can vary greatly.

  • Susan Brooks
    Susan Brooks

    I live in Beaverton, Oregon. It was my go to fabric store also. I really miss it. Always found what I needed for any project – from clothes to quilting to horse gear and anything in between.

  • Kelly Taylor
    Kelly Taylor

    I too grieved for Fabric Depot. It was the most fun place to go. Even after I moved, I bought hundreds of yards online. Really surprised that it couldn’t survive.

  • Dawn

    I too feel your pain. I live in a rural area with only 2 small shops and a Walmart. I must say trying to support them by buying things I didn’t need did not do any good. Both shops closed. Next shop is an hour away. 😥

  • Christie

    It’s discouraging when a quilt shop closes. Ruby Street Quilters in Tumwater, WA and Gossipium in Issaquah,WA are closing. I do, however, have two excellent ones that I go to, Sisters in Chehalis,Wa and The Quilt Barn in Puyallup, Wa are excellent shops with large selections of fabric and accessories.

  • sandra m
    sandra m

    I understand how you feel about losing a quilt shop. There are two shops I love to visit closing this spring. The owners are ready to retire. I am still fortunate to have one remaining about 15 miles away, but will miss these two very much. Bernina Sewing Centre in Lake Mary, Fl. is my fave shop and visit a few times a month.

  • Peg Hambrecht
    Peg Hambrecht

    I Love Olde City Quilts in Burlington, N.J. I live in Pa. and it costs $4 to go over the bridge so I only get to go over there with my local ASG Group on Shop Hops or when I go to Deborah Hospital for check ups but that makes my hospital trips fun!!!

  • Shirley Foradori
    Shirley Foradori

    I am still grieving over the loss of Hancock Fabric here in Austin, Texas.

  • Lynda Robinson
    Lynda Robinson

    After 50 years plus of touching with a gentle rub and buying fabric, notions and supplies I feel your pain. My fav shop is Common Threads in Waxahachie, Tx and I am computer challenged to order things online. Good luck, shop owners! You are appreciated.

  • Elaine Brennan
    Elaine Brennan

    Bonnie, at The Ladybug Quilt shop in Azle, TX. is my go to person. Although my purchases are not on the large scale of friends, I know I can find the fabric and advise I need and want. It is a small welcoming shop and I recommend it.

  • Vicki

    I have had near me that closed. First one was Katie Brooke in Kent, Ohio. That one was about 8 miles from me. The owner of that went to work at my second favorite one Just Quilt it in Warren, Ohio. That one was 20 miles from me. It closed and now I depend on the internet. Not the same. I love to feel the fabric. I am so depressed.

  • Judy Youngs
    Judy Youngs

    My favorite quilt shop

    City’s Edge
    Warsaw, Missouri

  • Louise Boyd
    Louise Boyd

    Oh, how I commiserate with you. The shop in Lebanon, Tn just closed at the end of the year, leaving us with only the large chains. This shop carried a large range of quality fabrics and is sorely missed.

  • Wilma

    I live in a small town in Victoria, australia and my nearest and dearest craft shop was 42kms from me, and when they closed 18mths ago it was like losing a family member, no more sewing days, and that instant friendly connection was gone, my sympathy to you for your loss, I know how you feel

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