How To Bind a Quilt – 6 Simple Steps


Get the most easy, breezy simple-to-follow steps to binding a quilt explained in the clearest of ways!  There are so many tutorials out there—and they do offer a lot of awesome advice. But this, by far, takes the proverbial biscuit!

Heirloom Creations takes us through 6 simple steps to binding a quilt using an awesome pocket method that rocks!

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After you’ve done your stitching and your corners, you’re going to go ahead and trim down to a quarter inch away from the final quilt and binding edge. See how we’ve left a little of the batting showing all the way around our quilt? What that will do is give just a little extra filler to the binding when you go and turn that to the backside. See how much fuller that is when it’s all said and done? That is the way a good binding should look. Watch it here.


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  • The Quiltersmart Team
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  • Adela Olivero
    Adela Olivero

    Fantastic tutorial. I have always wanted my binding thicker and had thought of leaving extra fabric around the quilt. It worked perfectly. I cut the binding 3" wide and looks great.
    The other great idea is “the pocket” you create to finish the binding.
    Thank you so much.

  • Carol Richardson
    Carol Richardson

    That is so much easier than fighting with the Binding Tool. Being a new quilter of only 4 years, I always wonder why some things are used? The only thing you didn’t cover was closing the diagonal l connection on the binding, do you use a hidden hand stitch to close that area or just leave it as is?

  • Sandy

    thanks, I will have to try this way out.

  • Carol E. Mercer
    Carol E. Mercer

    Thanks for the update on the quilt binding.

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