How To Make Over 5m of Bias Binding from 1 Fat Quarter


With only 2 seams and 2 cuts you can create a length of over 5 yards of continuous bias binding from a single fat quarter!

Babs walks us through the process step by simple step. Make your own custom bias binding with ease. Perfect finishes for bags, quilts, clothes, toys and so much more!

So lets get Sewing.... 

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  • The Quiltersmart Team
Comments 3
  • Jackie

    Ingenious :) So much simpler and less stressful than having to join many pieces together, hoping that you have got all your strips at 45 degrees :/

  • Georgia Clements
    Georgia Clements

    One of our members wanted to know how much bias could be cut from a far quarter, so now we know. Thank you for this great video.

  • Terry Brown
    Terry Brown

    It would have been better if she had used white pencil to mark the lines for our benefit.

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