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Hello all! I’m back this week asking for your help again!

Lately, I’ve been seeing amazing quilts everywhere. My Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of them, they’re hanging on walls at quilt shops, they’re at quilt shows, and they’re all over our Why I Sew contest.

When I see one I love and want to replicate, I take a screenshot, snap a photo with my phone, save a web link, etc. That way, when I get started on a new project, I should, in theory, be able to refer to that picture and figure out how to make that quilt.

Because of all the inspiration that surrounds me, I'm sort of in a state of inspiration overload. And all those "saved for later" items fall into the inspiration abyss.

I suppose the real problem lies in that I am faster at getting inspired than I am at sewing. So I have a backlog of inspiration to get through, and I need a way to keep myself organized.

Here is what I need your help with: How do you organize all those screenshots, photos, and links so that you can actually find them again when you’re ready to start a new project?!

Pinterest is great for web links, but my screenshots and photos get lost down my camera roll on my phone, never to be located again.

I used to save patterns and pictures in a 3-ring binder, but I’ve moved away from paper and don’t even own a printer anymore.

Does anyone else save things on their phone and then struggle to find them again? What do you do to keep things from falling into the abyss?

Help me out!

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  • Carolyn Knees
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  • Juanita

    Your phone should allow you to create albums for your photos. I have an album named “Quilts” and when I take a photo of a quilt I like I put the photo in that album. It gives me a place to look when I want to find a particular photo of a quilt.

  • Pamela W Fincher
    Pamela W Fincher

    I’m new to sewing and have wondered the same thing many times already….lol

  • Joanna Flow
    Joanna Flow

    I save all my inspiration photos in the note section on my phone in one file named “inspiration “ and then also email it to myself and place it in a file of its own under the same name. I will also name a certain color with each one or a name of a person if I should think of that person in the inspiration phase as a gift idea. It’s a quick, simple idea that jogs my memory when needed. I like having it in both places ( phone and email) for two reasons: computers crash occasionally, I don’t always have my phone near me while at home, or I need a larger picture and when I am out and about and happen to find fabric on sale- it’s in my phone for quick reference.

  • Darlene Joyner
    Darlene Joyner

    I save patterns now mostly for the border design or color way. I save them in many ways , photo. Or drawing. The reason I save just those designs is I do’s lot of
    community service kids quilts and they work great for panels

  • Deborah

    I save inspiration pictures in folders out in the cloud. I categorize them in larger categories first . Examples would be lap quilts, wall quilts, quilt blocks, applique etc. Then I add sub categories . For lap quilts examples would be Beads and Melons, Hexies, Yo-yos. Curves Circles and Rings etc. I categorize them similar as to what I have done on Pinterest. The inspiration projects that I would want to do in the next 6 months I made a category call Quilts that move me. I never have more than 10 projects in this category. This way I do not become overwhelmed with things I want to make. I suppose it is just a way of setting boundaries.
    It does take time to set it up but once you do it is easy to maintain and add to. Every 6 months I go through and make changes such as delete items no longer wanted or needed. Our tastes change over time so this is an important step. I can usually accomplish this part in about 45 minutes. I don’t overthink it. I have embraced technology and like not having the paper all over. Hope this helps.

  • Rhonda Hormel
    Rhonda Hormel

    I creat albums and then add the photos to my albums I.E. “Quilt Patterns” “Grandkids” “Recipes” “Quilts I’ve made” etc.

  • Lana Hicks
    Lana Hicks

    How about storing them on a thumbnail drive?

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