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Hello! Hola! Guten Tag! Hej hej! Benvenuto! Welcome!

It would appear that you have found your way to the Quilter’s Mart Blog. It’s our first post, and I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m going to be writing a bit for you, which has me all kinds of excited - both writing and quilting are things I love to do! Before I get too carried away (which I have a tendency to do), I’d like to introduce myself.



 Hi, I’m Carolyn! Mother of two, wife of one (ha!), possessor of day job, quilter, Birthday Cake Oreo addict, woman, and now - blogger!

How did I start quilting?

My mom signed me up for general sewing classes as a little girl. At the time, they didn’t stick because, well, sports. The art and fun of it all was lost on me until many years later when I met my future husband and, subsequently, his mother.

Apparently, my mom had been quilting for ages and it hadn’t sunk in, because it took meeting my husband’s mother, Nancy the Quilting Goddess, to set the lightbulb off. Aha! Those warm blankets I snuggle with didn’t just come out of thin air… people make these!

As a matter of fact, I was so oblivious that I hadn’t registered that the quilt that I had schlepped with me literally all over the world was one that my mother had made for me right under my nose. That quilt that I took for granted was a high school graduation gift from my mom. She made one for me and one for the exchange student we were hosting that year from Sweden.


Here it is! One of my most treasured possessions.


The quilts were a surprise - we knew mom was doing some sort of blanket craft, but we didn’t know they were for us (or how much work they were)! When it came time to sandwich the top, the batting, and the backing together, my clever mother even had us help pin them.

To this day, I am baffled that I didn’t register that my mom was a “quilter” at that time. (Pun alert!) I guess it just wasn’t really a part of the fabric of my childhood, and was overshadowed by all the other things mom did. She’s a nurse, a killer mom, a fabulous cook, an athlete, a traveller… I guess I didn’t have room in my brain for another label for her!

Anyway, Imagine the hilarity when we opened our presents at our graduation party only to realize that mom had made us work on our own gifts! Despite that little trick she pulled, we both still curl up under those blankets to this day and feel mom’s love each time we do.

Once I saw my mother-in-law Nancy’s quilts, which are always so beautiful, I knew I wanted to make one. The memory of my mom making those graduation quilts flooded back. Ding ding ding! Nancy makes quilts, my mom makes quilts, people make quilts. I am people. Therefore, I could make quilts! I asked Nancy the Quilting Goddess to teach me, and the rest is history.

What do I like to make?

I’ve done everything from tiny table-runners to gigantic king-size quilts (for my gigantic king-size brother). My favorite things to make are things for other people, which I think stems from that first beloved quilt from my mother and how I’ve loved snuggling up with it like a hug from her. If I can gift someone a hug that will last forever… wow! What a special thing!

Being a 30-something mother myself, I have a lot of 30-something friends popping out babies. So the bulk of my projects end up being baby blankets these days. To me, they’re very satisfying to make because I love the idea of my quilts keeping those sweet babies warm when they’re so very tiny.

I also love that there is a lot of room for whimsy and playing with color in baby quilts. My favorite color is rainbow - I even had a rainbow themed wedding (check out some photos from our wedding below). So exploring color in a quilt gets me all kinds of excited!

Rainbow Themed Wedding!


Bridesmaid Dresses


Wedding Polka dot cake

What am I going to blog about?

I’m not a technician, an expert, or a teacher. But I am enthusiastic. I look forward to exploring color, talking about mistakes and quilting hurdles, celebrating quilting triumphs, and connecting with all of you!

You’ll get to know me and my little family, and I want to get to know all of you as well. Feel free to share with me by leaving comments, submitting questions, and requesting blog topics. I hope that this will be a place for us to have conversations about what we all love so much - quilting!

Hold on to your rotary cutters, my friends, because I think we’re going to have so much fun here at the Quilter’s Mart Blog!!



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  • Carolyn Knees
Comments 24
  • Patti Fischer
    Patti Fischer

    I am a beginning quilter – baby step one. I am good at matching colors and am looking forward to your blogs.

  • Gail

    My name is Gail and I’m new to your blog. I’ve been quilting for about 30 or so years. My mom is a quilter and I learned from her. We also sew just about everything. In fact, I just came back from my sisters family hunting cabin where we had a sewing retreat. Me an 4 of my 5 sisters got together to make each I’d us a “Sister’s Quilt”. We picked out some fabric from the 1820’s that was designed by Andrew Jackson. Anyw, we managed to get 3 complete quilt tops made and a good start on the other 3. It’s always fun getting together with mom and my sisters. We do it every chance we get. I’m just getting around to reading your blog posts and I love them. Your sense of humor is delightful. I’ve read 3 posts and truly love the subjects, especially the one about color. I’m so afraid my quilt won’t be spectacular like some I’ve seen.

  • Ann Henderson
    Ann Henderson

    I have in mind that I want to have a quilt made. I’ve thought about it for a while. Could you please give me some information about it.

  • Barbara Thornton
    Barbara Thornton

    I am 80 years old and been quilting for many years. I love seeing young ladies stepping up to this old time art. Thanks!

  • Angela

    Great first post! I am very excited to read more.

  • Linda Cross
    Linda Cross

    I felt like I got to know a new friend. I’m looking forward to reading your blog.

  • Ruth Hurst
    Ruth Hurst

    Just interested in the blog for now.

  • Bonnie Jensen
    Bonnie Jensen

    Loved your first post. Keep them coming.


    Would like to know more about QAYG quilts as I have five g -grand kids to make a quilt for each.

  • Lois

    Looking forward to your blog, I sense the excitement in your first writing. Just remember they’re quilts not blankets 😉. Excited to see what new ideas you have.

  • Linda

    Welcome to our lives Carolyn.

    I’m a simple quilter (meaning my quilts have been rather simple patterns). Most of my work has also been gifts for family and friends. Mostly, I’m a garment, home decor, heirloom style sewer., which includes machine embroidery. As time goes by, I am being pulled more and more into the quilt world. I began sewing Barbie clothes – the construction was a bit rough, but it was the beginning of a life-long love. My sewing room is packed with future quilts and other joys.

    I’m a mom of five and a Grammy to nine. Retirement is around the corner. Yay!


    Hi Carolyn and welcome. I think we are all going to have fun. As i hang on to my rotary cutter with bated breath pondering where is Carolyn going to take us to. Looking forward to the ride.


    Hi Carolyn and welcome. I think we are all going to have fun. As i hang on to my rotary cutter with bated breath pondering where is Carolyn going to take us to. Looking forward to the ride.
    Veronica ( Australia)

  • June

    Looking forward to many posts that will be keeping us all amused and informed.

  • Kathy Van Horn
    Kathy Van Horn

    Thank you for your lighthearted blog, you make me smile. I am a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I sincerely hope my younger generation will cherish their quilts as you do.
    Thanks! Good post :)

  • beth daniels
    beth daniels

    I hope you talk about binding a quilt and other lessons we would love to hear about.

  • Elaine Bewley
    Elaine Bewley

    I am hooked! I’ve been quilting 30 years and am part of a group that make quilts for kiddos in DHS and foster care.

  • Donna

    Welcome Carolyn l am new to quilting so l will appreciate all the help l can get. Thanks ahead of time Donna

  • joyce Caron
    joyce Caron

    Nice to meet you but right now busy with company lolol hope to see you again when i have time to see how i can learn from this nice lady

  • Kathi Stowe
    Kathi Stowe

    How often will you be writing a blog and will I get an e-mail telling me?

  • Joyce Seger
    Joyce Seger

    My Aunt Grace was a sofa quilter. She cut out the pieces, sewed them together by hand and then quilted them while sitting on the sofa. My Mother also quilted, on the sofa, but not to the extent Aunt Grace did. Years later, my aunt had moved to be close to her son and I had decided that I wanted to learn to quilt so I asked Aunt Grace if Mother and I could come for the weekend. I wanted to start visiting her more often and have her help me learn to quilt. We did more visiting that weekend but, I figured. there would be time. However, on a week day, just before a Thanksgiving, Aunt Grace called me. She said she wanted to send me a Poinsettia and should she send it to me at home or at work. I told her at work and would keep it there until time for Thanksgiving break. I sensed there was something a little off with her and asked her if everything was okay. She then told me she had colon cancer and it had spread all over. She had decided not to have any treatment and she probably just had a short time left on this earth. Needless to say I was crushed – she was the funny, kind of whacky loving Aunt that you adore. Mother and I were only able to visit her a couple of times before she passed away just after Christmas. I didn’t have any time to learn any tricks of her trade but I do remember her sitting on her sofa quilting. A few years later I began to try my hand at quilting and I will never forget Aunt Grace, the poinsettia, and her love of quilting. I can’t do as much quilting as I want to because of several back surgeries but slowly and surely I can quilt and LOVE it.

  • Sherry

    Black type in a larger font, please.

  • Jacque Wolske
    Jacque Wolske

    Welcome!! I love Quilters Mart, I learn a lot reading blogs both for the kind and things I need to know for my sewing. I have been a seamstress since I was about 5 but have only been quilting for less than 2 years. Everybody is so helpful in this trade.

    I look forward keeping up with you. My ultimate goal is to make a foo-foo cathedral window quilt for my dressing room.

    Jacque (live in Waco, Texas)

  • Sher W
    Sher W

    Welcome Carolyn! Looking forward to growing and quilting with you!

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