What I'm Working on Right Now 4

Hey there! Welcome to another installment of “what I’m working on right now”.

This weekend, I was at Nancy the Quilting Goddess’ house for a sewing marathon. Remember those baby quilts I’ve got to crank out before the baby showers? Well, we’re only weeks away, and I’m not even close to done!

I showed up to Nancy’s house with a few blocks of the quilt you saw in my last “what I’m working on right now” post, along with the rest of the pieces in a pile. Truthfully, I haven’t touched it since I sewed with Lewis! *facepalm*

So my trip to Nancy the Quilting Goddess’ house saw me as a woman on a mission. I had work to do!

And guess what!

I finished the top of one! But it was not without challenge. Oh no, my friends. I had to unsew two whole blocks because I had sewed my pinwheel-dealybobs rotating in the wrong direction!

I also discovered that the fully assembled top was far too small and required a border. But I didn’t have enough of any of the fabrics to do a border, and didn’t like anything I had lying around (or anything from Nancy’s extensive stash!)

Nancy and I loaded up to hunt down border fabric. We thought it would be a quick, easy trip, but alas! The next challenge came when I struck out at the neighborhood fabric shop. They just didn’t have anything that fit the image of an abstract woodland (or mountain?) fabric I had in my head. Don’t you hate that? When you know exactly what you need, but you find out it might not exist?

You can bet that the challenges didn’t stop there. Our next stop was another neighborhood fabric store, but alas - when we got there, they weren’t there!

That’s right! The shop had up and moved! By this point, Nancy and I had gone too far to quit, so we plugged the new address into GPS and made our way to the new location. When we got there, they didn’t have what I wanted either. I really had my heart set on that abstract mountain situation.

In the end, one of the shop employees showed me a few options and I ended up falling in love with the abstract pine needle fabric you see in the picture above. The colors didn’t really seem to fit in with the rest of the top at first, and I had a hard time letting go of the mountain idea, but ultimately, I thought it had the same abstract effect and the colors didn’t match, but did mesh.

So I bought enough for the border AND the back! Phew!

We finally got back to the sewing lair, and I messed around enough to have all the pine needles facing the right way, but didn’t fussy cut enough to have the pieces line up perfectly.

I’m totally happy with the progress, pleased that I finished the top despite the challenges, and thrilled that all I have left is quilting on the longarm and binding. Phew! I think I’ll get at least this one done before the baby shower. The odds of completing baby quilt #2 by the deadline are a big question mark. Stay tuned for another “what I’m working on now” post about that one!

Have you ever had a day of sewing where (pun alert!) nothing seams to go right? Tell me about it in the comments!

Quilts with a Deadline 12

Hello, readers! This week I’m coming at you with a problem.

In the past, I’ve written about where to find inspiration. But alas! I find myself without any! Or, perhaps it isn’t a lack of inspiration, but a lack of motivation. A project paralysis of sorts.

You see, I find myself up against deadlines for the two baby quilts I have underway. I like the patterns and the fabrics, and I love the families who will be receiving them (because they are my family!). But for some reason, I look at the tidy piles of pieces and I think, “nope. I don’t want to”.

I would liken it to a writer’s block, but for quilting. (Pun alert!) A “quilt block” if you will.

I find “quilt blocks” often happen when I am working against deadlines for my quilt projects. And when the proverbial “quilt block” takes over, not a lot of actual quilt blocks are made!

Sewing Area


The worst part is, the longer I wait and the closer the deadline is, the bigger my “quilt block” becomes! The problem just snowballs on itself. Yikes!

In regards to baby quilts, specifically, Nancy the Quilting Goddess has always lived by the philosophy that as long as the baby gets the quilt before they turn 1, your job is done.

I try so very, very hard to subscribe to this school of thought, too. But for some reason, I always require myself to finish by the baby shower. I don’t even give myself until the birth! What am I doing to myself?!

This project paralysis steals some of the joy from quilting for me, and just like cooking, I think a quilt is better when it is made with joy (and love!). The love isn’t lacking, but I worry that these deadline-quilts will not have the joy they deserve, and it will show.

I already have a full-time day job. And I have my sweet family, a house, a yard, cars, a social life, etc. that also pull me a million directions. So when a deadline makes a quilt project feel like a job, it is hard for me to find the desire to set aside the time. I’m working hard enough, so quilting can’t feel like work, or I just won’t do it!

I am sure that I will get these quilts done (probably with Nancy the Quilting Goddess’ help) as I always do. But maybe you all can help me not just “get them done”, but also enjoy doing it!

Does anyone else struggle with “quilt block” when up against a (possibly unnecessary, self-imposed) deadline? What do you do about it? Leave a comment below!

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