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Quilting Collaborations - Episode 3 0

Happy Tuesday, all! Today I want to share a blast from the past quilting collaboration starring yours truly as a 10 year old!

The collaboration was part of a Girl Scouts project with my troop. I can’t remember the exact intention, but I know that we were all tasked with making a square for a baby quilt. My best guess is that the quilt was to be donated to a baby in need, given the general spirit of the Girl Scouts.

The project was my first experience with quilting, and I had completely forgotten about it until recently when another former member of our troop posted the picture of all of us with our finished product online.

I don’t know which square was mine, but I do remember that we all used a mixture of embroidery, fabric markers, fabric paint, and imagination to make the beauty pictured below.

Look at all of us! We were so proud! Any guesses about which beaming 10 year old is me?

Ok, I won’t keep you guessing for long. That wouldn’t be fair! I’m the one in the middle behind the quilt with the short hair. The hair style was short to match my mom, because she was (and still is!) my idol.

If collaborative quilting made 10-year-old me smile that big, I should probably give it another try soon, don’t you think?! If you have a collaboration project you'd like to share with us - enter it into our "WHY I Sew" Contest! Click this LINK, we hope to hear from you soon.

Charitable Quilting - Additional Opportunities 0

Hi there, friends! Welcome to our last episode in the Charitable Quilting Series!

Today, I’m going to share with you some additional organizations that you can donate time, quilts, supplies, or money to during this holiday season (or anytime!). We don’t have enough time to feature all of these in their own dedicated post, but they’re all so worthy, we thought we’d do a collective post for you!

Check out the list below:

Quilts from Caring Hands

This organization is based in Oregon - my home state! Their mission is:

“Quilts from Caring Hands (QCH) makes and distributes quilts at no charge to Oregon’s children-at-risk: the homeless, those in foster care, drug addicted, HIV positive, visually impaired, abused, as well as infants of teen mothers.”

They recently donated their 10,000th quilt - A huge milestone! That’s a lot of children who have been helped by Quilts from Caring Hands. You can find their website here, and find out how you can help their cause.

Quilts Beyond Borders

This organization has an outward-looking philosophy. They are a charity providing quilts to children in underserved areas of the world. A recent post on their page shows quilts that are bound for Baja! They also recently donated 100 quilts to a new initiative in Israel.

Check out their website here, and enjoy browsing through the newsreel and check out ways to support their efforts.

Victoria’s Quilts

This organization is geared toward helping the terminally ill. Their mission statement is:

“To provide handmade quilts to a specific cancer patient or treatment facility. By providing these quilts we hope to help the cancer patients feel ‘Just a Little Warmer and a Little More Comfortable©.’”

Victoria’s Quilts has been around for 20 years, located in California. You can visit their website here to learn more and to donate or request a quilt.

The Giving Quilt

The Giving Quilt welcomes you on their website with the announcement that they were recently “recognized by the National Quilters Circle as one of the 10 amazing places to donate your quilt.” What a truly distinguished honor!

The Giving Quilt organization is unique in that their quilt recipients are varied so greatly. They donate to veterans, NICUs, Foster Children, and more!

Visit their page to learn more and to see how you can participate.

Tokay Stitch N Quilt Guild

Quilter’s Mart Reader Connie shared with us the following comment on a previous Blog entry:

“The ladies of Tokay Stitch N Quilt Guild donated 40 quilts to the kids who lost everything in the Santa Rosa CA fires 2017. This year they are making quilts for the kids of the Camp Fire in Paradise. In addition they have already donated 70 pillowcase/laundry bags to the foster youth organization. We would be happy to receive fabric larger than 1 yard lengths for our charity projects.”

If you’re interested in supporting Connie and the Tokay Stitch N Quilt Guild, check out their website here and contact them for details. A worthy cause, indeed!

THANK YOU! for all the support you provide to your communities and your fellow humans. Whether you support one of the charities listed above, one of the organizations we feature previously, or find your own ways to spread warmth and love, you make a difference in the world.

Happy holidays, readers. Continue to support those in need and those you love however you can. See you next week!

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