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QM Collaboration Reminder 0

Hello everyone! Or should I say, “hello quilting buddies!”?

I’m here to remind you of our Quilter’s Mart Collaboration project. It’s been a few weeks since the notice went out, and we’re super excited for the squares that are rolling in.

We want to donate as many Quilter’s Mart quilts as possible, and we need your help!

If you are scratching your head, wondering what on earth I’m talking about, here’s a refresher: LINK

Nancy the Quilting Goddess and myself are teaming up with YOU, our Quilter’s Mart community, to create quilts to donate. This collaboration will be featured on the blog as it takes shape, but we can’t be successful without your participation.

If you can spare a few hours for us, please create a 12 inch square block and send them to me. It can be absolutely anything you want, as long as it is 12 inches - no requirements for colors, shapes, patterns, prints… nothing! Full creative license!

Infinite creative options mean that you may not be able to restrict yourself to just one square - Don’t worry! You can send as many as you’d like. And if you do make more than one, they don’t have to match each other. We’ll collect all the squares and sort them and mix them into multiple quilts.

When you’re done, please send to:

Quilter’s Mart Collaboration Project

PO Box 11773

Portland, OR 97211


We are accepting contributions for the next couple months. When we close the project, we’ll make sure to let you know.

Thank you, everyone! Can’t wait to see what you make and work on this collaboration with you!

Inspiration Abyss 0

Hello all! I’m back this week asking for your help again!

Lately, I’ve been seeing amazing quilts everywhere. My Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of them, they’re hanging on walls at quilt shops, they’re at quilt shows, and they’re all over our Why I Sew contest.

When I see one I love and want to replicate, I take a screenshot, snap a photo with my phone, save a web link, etc. That way, when I get started on a new project, I should, in theory, be able to refer to that picture and figure out how to make that quilt.

Because of all the inspiration that surrounds me, I'm sort of in a state of inspiration overload. And all those "saved for later" items fall into the inspiration abyss.

I suppose the real problem lies in that I am faster at getting inspired than I am at sewing. So I have a backlog of inspiration to get through, and I need a way to keep myself organized.

Here is what I need your help with: How do you organize all those screenshots, photos, and links so that you can actually find them again when you’re ready to start a new project?!

Pinterest is great for web links, but my screenshots and photos get lost down my camera roll on my phone, never to be located again.

I used to save patterns and pictures in a 3-ring binder, but I’ve moved away from paper and don’t even own a printer anymore.

Does anyone else save things on their phone and then struggle to find them again? What do you do to keep things from falling into the abyss?

Help me out!
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