Carolyn's New Sewing Room Tour 7

Hello hello! As promised, this week’s post will be a tour of my newly re-furnished sewing room!

We have a lot to squeeze into our house, so to make our lives work with kids, toys, a bedroom for each kid, working from home, my husband’s love of video games, and my sewing habit, this space has had to become a multi-purpose room. The “sewing room” is also an office and gaming room - but I won't show you those parts because *snore* boooooring!

Prior to our little makeover, it was a hodge-podge of hand-me-downs, IKEA furniture, and one nice desk. Remember my sad, sewing setup from before? See below - what a disaster! The sewing space became a dumping ground, and it wasn't a very pleasant place to be!

We made it work, but felt like there was definitely a way to make it work better for us, and it wasn’t actually a complicated “fix” - all we needed was some new furniture and some organization.

So we picked out what we wanted, watched for sales, and then pulled the trigger as soon as prices were reasonable. A couple weeks later, things started trickling in. My husband built the furniture in one quick afternoon (let me tell you, having a handy husband is about as awesome as it gets!).

Now… huzzah! We have a somewhat matching, colorful, cheerful space that inspires creativity. And we just like being here!


My favorite thing is, of course, my new sewing desk. (P.S. I also have an antique Singer machine tucked in that wood piece under the window!)

The little drawers are perfect for keeping notions. I've got a collection of ribbon, too many colored pens to count, my rulers, cutting implements, pins, etc.

Between those little drawers and the lovely storage cabinet on the other side of the room, I’m able to stash away everything I have collected for my sewing habit without making the room feel cluttered.


I've been working on using fabric from my stash on new projects, and that effort has meant that my whole fabric collection (barely) fits in one section of the cabinet. The middle drawers are used for ongoing projects and my special Quilter’s Mart stuff (it has its own place of honor!).

My husband and I are so happy we did this simple makeover. The pregnant ladies in my life keep multiplying, so I will be camped out in here frequently in the upcoming months making baby quilts galore. What a lovely place to spend so much time! I feel inspired as soon as I walk in!

What is your favorite part of your sewing space? What would you like to change? Tell me in the comments!

Carolyn's Quilter's Mart Haul 1

Hey there everyone! I hope you’ve started working on the Quilter’s Mart collaboration blocks! I can’t wait to start receiving them!

This week, I’m sharing my Quilter’s Mart haul with you guys. I recently ordered a bunch of fabric and goodies, and I wanted to show you what I got.

Getting packages in the mail is extra exciting at my house. My kids love to run to the front door when we get home from daycare/work in the evening and see if anything is waiting for us. When we got our QM package, I outran them because I was so eager to check it all out!

As you can see, I already tossed all the goodies into a drawer (a new drawer! In my new sewing room/office! We did a makeover, which I’ll show you next week!). I got a few notions, including a big old box of feet! But mostly, I grabbed a lot of fabric.

I was curious to see how big the cuts were in each collection, and I was happily surprised! They’re not quite fat quarters, but I could easily make a baby quilt out of each fabric collection, with the exception of the jelly rolls, which might need some supplementation.

I’m very pleased with the haul, overall. And my mind is swimming with inspiration! Two more friends have babies on the way now, with more potentially coming soon. So having baby quilt supplies waiting in the wings is basically just a good life strategy for me!

Here is a little peek at a few the fabric collections. I won't feature all of them, but I did want to show you my favorites!

This first rainbow dot one is so vibrant and the fabric feels thick and high quality. I am debating whether I want to keep them together or split them up into multiple quilts, because they’ll make great “reads solid” fabrics.

This next one is a fun, modern collection. It has adorable cactus prints, some geometric triangles, and some very sweet flowers. I know a lot of women my age would love these, and I can’t wait to put them together!

This collection is very soft and feminine.. I’m particularly taken with two of the fabrics, which I’m sharing close-ups of below. So whimsical and lovely!

Aren't those great? I can picture them in a quilt for a baby girl. So stunning!

This pile makes me smile (a smile pile!). The foxes and bears are quirky and hilarious, and when my kids saw them, they were smitten as well!

I think I’m going to use the navy and turquoise stripes to make a pillowcase for Ellen’s tiny toddler pillow. The colors match her room perfectly! I’ll give you a little how-to on that sometime in the future!

Well folks, my QM haul lived up to the hype, and I’ll share the things I make with you as they evolve. I hope you feel inspired, and head on over to QM to grab some of our beautiful fabrics yourselves!

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