The Guide: Sewing Machine Presser Feet


Do the presser feet look like torture machines to you? Never fear, for in this video,
Made to Sew teaches us the different kinds of presser feet and what they do exactly. The video will focus on the basic presser feet that come with your sewing machine, along with the extra feet we recommend using.

With so many presser feet to choose from, it can get really confusing for sewers to determine which is which, and which does what—and no wonder!

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Now, you don’t necessarily have to buy a branded foot. You can buy a generic foot but you need to make sure that it will fit your own machine. With this video, you get the information you need so you can finally get busy and get sewing!

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  • The Quiltersmart Team
Comments 3
  • Manuel Riko
    Manuel Riko

    presser feet is really conservative part on which a sewing style depends. the machines thread control also depends on the presser foot. But when the thread got stuck with the presser foot how do we make it dismissed?

  • Margaret Devries
    Margaret Devries

    I bought a 32 set of presser foot and haven’t a clue how to use them ?
    Is there a book I can get to show how? Thanks

  • Jan

    Thank you, very informative.

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