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Hello, dear blog readers! I’m back again this week with a different kind of “inspiration” post. Prepare yourselves to meet my sentimental side!

I read an article recently about a woman who was many things - among them, a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and quilter. She quilted and gifted her creations to the people she loved for many years, and when she passed away, she was honored by her loved ones at her funeral by them bringing the quilts she had made them to drape on the pews.

This article shook me up and got me thinking - as a quilter, I get wrapped up in the “how-to’s”, the next challenge, the latest trick or gadget, and the “deadline” (baby shower! Birthday! Graduation! Chop chop chop!). I’m usually having so much fun whipping up a new creation that I can lose sight of what happens after a project is finished and handed off to its owner.

Once it leaves me, I am on to the next thing, and I don’t think about the impact the quilt has on the recipient after I’m done. This article reminded me.

You impact one person at a time with your quilts, but if you step back and look at the reach of your love, you’ll see what a wide net you’ve cast.

For me personally, there are at least a dozen babies (most of them turned into children by now!), a handful of friends, 4 cousins, 1 brother, and an aunt who all have quilts from me.

My brother’s girlfriend asked me as recently as last night about how to best wash the quilt I made for him 8 years ago. He and his girlfriend still sleep under it every night. That means that I’m part of their lives every single day without even thinking about it.


The woman from the article impacted countless people in exactly that way. They thought of her every day when she was alive, because of her quilts. And they have a special way to remember her now that she is gone, also because of her quilts. I wonder if she knew how she touched them?

I can only hope to be remembered in the way the woman from the article was remembered. I can only dream of touching people’s hearts the way she touched those to whom she gifted quilts.

Above all, that article has inspired me to try to remember how powerful a quilt can be while I am making one. Instead of just working away, I will try from here on out to take at least one moment during the construction of every quilt to just breathe in and honor the power of showing love through a quilt.

I challenge you, dear readers, to also bask in your own power to impact people through quilting. To take a moment to appreciate all of the people out there who are embraced by your love every day, thanks to a quilt you’ve made. What an amazing thing you do!

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  • Carolyn Knees
Comments 11
  • Stephanie

    My best friends mother taught me how to hand quilt over 20 years ago, when she passed all the quilts that she had done for her family members where draped everywhere at her service…very touching and heartwarming…..Awesome way to remember someone.

  • Shirley Jenkins
    Shirley Jenkins

    I also have made quilts for my children, grandchildren, gr.grandchildren, my sister, and newborns born to other family members. I’ve lost count of them, but I do love making them. I hope when they are grown, they will look at their quilt and remember me.

  • Heather

    So very true! The trouble I have with quilting is finishing them! That is why I am now sending them out to be quilted. I can complete the binding no problem. People love hand-crafted gifts so I think a quilt is extra special!! I have a future quilt in the works for my daughter who is almost 30 and she reminds me of that quilt that I need to work on!! Thanks for the true sentiment!!

  • Lonnie Lane
    Lonnie Lane

    Wondering about the time that quilting takes up, with so much else going on in my life, I questioned if it was really a good use of my time. Then I read in my Bible that the Proverbs 31 lady was a quilter. The Complete Jewish Study Bible puts verse: 22 this way: “She makes her own quilts.” If she could do it, busy as she was, certainly I can continue my quilting.

  • Johanna Holcomb
    Johanna Holcomb

    I also had made so many quilts to give to love ones, but never thought about how it will impact their lives. Hope they will enjoy it for many years.

  • Barbara Hart
    Barbara Hart

    Wow I loved this article, made me rethink why I do quilting, giving them away is the best part but I never thought of how they impact others, I am a new quilter, but I am learning , I tell persons I am a imperfect quilter what I make is perfect to me but has many mistakes that make it imperfect, I do my best, Love all the inspiration you just gave me. They do not have to be perfect just have to be made with love.

  • Charlotte

    What an inspiring message. Thank you!

  • Ellen K Black
    Ellen K Black

    2210 CONSTITUTION DRIVE I love this. Have made many quilts for others and never thought of them in this way. Beautiful and I can only hope one of mine make such a connection

  • Sue-Ann

    So true
    Thank you for reminding us!

  • Dorothy D. Mostoller
    Dorothy D. Mostoller

    166 Waterloo Street

  • Charlotte

    Started this 4 years ago..has been quite the adventure..

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