Triangles - What Do I Do with All These Triangles!?


Hi readers! Welcome back! I hope you have had a chance to try your hand at making some triangles using the method from last week’s post. If you have, you’re likely sitting on a whole pile of triangles now. I know I am!

Today’s post is going to be a picture-filled extravaganza! I still haven't decided on which way I will lay out my quilt top, so I’m going to show you a bunch of options for how you could use a pile of triangles to make an entire quilt top using nothing but the triangles you made last week! I need your help! Help me decide which one to use - TAKE THE POLL!



The first layout is my favorite, and the one that I’ve made several times in the past. It is the reason I learned the technique I posted last week! Here is my pile of triangles turned into a chevron patterned quilt. Should I do it again? Or try something different?

Chevron Quilt Top
Bonus - here are two other chevron quilts I’ve made in the past. Both are baby quilts - one is high-contrast (with monkeys on the front and bananas on the back! Plus sock-monkey fabric to bind!), and the other is low-contrast (paper airplanes in different shades for both fabrics). With these two bonus examples, you can see how the technique and layout work for different color palettes (and different sized triangles!).

Chevron Quilt Top

Chevron Quilt Top


Flying Geese

I had a lot of fun laying out flying geese a couple different ways. For the unfamiliar, “flying geese” are actually a standard, well-known quilting block. It’s the name for the triangles that line up one after the other, kind of like geese flying south for the winter. Check out a few different ways you can use your triangles to make a flying geese quilt top.

Flying Geese Quilt Top

Flying Geese Quilt Top




Pinwheels are another classic quilting block. They’re fun and playful, and I love to use them for baby quilts (and more!). 

Pinwheel Quilt Top




This layout is a bit more unusual. I made it by alternating the direction of the triangles in each row. In my opinion, it gives off an “organized randomness” vibe.


Bi-Directional Quilt Top



Diagonal Stripes

You may laugh at this one because, well, you could actually make this quilt using strips instead of triangles. And you’re right! You could! But, to me, making it with triangles is actually just as easy, and eliminates the need to figure out how to make your diagonal strips work in the corners without super hard math or trimming your gigantic top. It all comes together so nicely with triangles!

Diagonal Striped Quilt Top



Offset Diamond

This one is so fun. Again, you could definitely make it with strips + triangles + squares. But (also again), I find it much easier to only make the triangles!

Offset Diamond Quilt Top

I also threw together a slight variation on this one, where the “center diamond” is turned into a rectangle. I was able to elongate the center using a leftover blue/grey square from when I was cutting. If I decided to do this variation, I would end up having to trim down that square to match the size of the pieced triangle squares. But that tiny extra step changes the look of the quilt top entirely!

Offset Diamond Variant Quilt Top



Envelopes/Fortune Cookies

If you look at the quilt top below, the way the triangles are arranged kind of looks like open envelopes or fortune cookies. I arranged them to point several different directions, but you could easily have them all point the same direction, or a different combination of different directions.

Envelope Quilt Top




If you’re more into a free-form, random quilt top, you can play around endlessly and come up with super fun mixed/random quilt tops using your triangles. Below are several ideas that I came up with. As you can see, they end up being a combination of the above techniques. They’re pretty chaotic, but sometimes that’s exactly the right look for either your personality as the quilter, or the recipient of the finished quilt.

Triangle Quilt Top - Random

Triangle Quilt Top - Random

Triangle Quilt Top - Random

The moral of the story is… if you’ve got a pile of triangles and a pile of creativity, the possibilities are endless! Once you know how to make triangles, you’ll never be out of ideas again!

Reminder!  I need your help selecting the pattern!  CLICK HERE - TAKE THE POLL!  Let me know in the comments if you've selected one of these layouts that you’ll make with your triangles! Is one of my ideas catching your eye, or do you have your own idea?

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  • Carolyn Knees
Comments 14
  • Kari

    Love the off set triangle

  • Donna Barnett
    Donna Barnett

    I love Chevron, but really liked the offset diamond, so I voted for that. :-) I have done a chevron before, so I think I’ll do an offset diamond next time.

  • Sonja Howard
    Sonja Howard

    Make stars

  • Cindy

    I like the Chevron look great 👍🏼 and why not try to do with Pinwheel to see what do you feel about this ? There will be great too 😃 Good luck.

  • Fay

    I like the pinwheels best

  • Loralye Winkes
    Loralye Winkes

    offset diamond

  • DIAnn

    I have always liked pin wheels, so that gets my vote.

    Have a great week.

  • judys

    I like the chevrons>

  • Patricia Hartin
    Patricia Hartin

    Chevron and diamond not offset are my favorite

  • Patty Crumrine
    Patty Crumrine

    The CLICK HERE isn’t working, but i vote for the offset rectangles..

  • Judy

    Offset diamond would make a baby quilt!

  • Diane M Hamberger
    Diane M Hamberger

    I must work on my triangles. I see that the hardest part is going to be…How I should lay them out

  • Betty JACOBS
    Betty JACOBS

    I enjoyed them all , but my first choice was the off set diamond . I plan to try soon thanks for sharing

  • Jan

    Which pattern to do….hard decision……the chevron looks good but I think I’d try the offset diamond for a change if it were me. Good luck. I’m sure whichever you do will look great

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