Two-Toned Fold-Over Binding - How-to Part 1


Hello! Welcome to part one of the “how to do two-toned fold-over binding” series. This method of binding is my very favorite because it requires absolutely NO hand sewing! AKA - this is fast.

You can see an example of how it looks in almost all of my quilts. Here’s a reminder from last week’s baby quilt reveal post of what it can look like:

Another fun aspect is that you get to do two fabrics! It is like a bonus little border, and I love the look of it. Which leads me to step one...

1. Pick your fabrics

I usually pick a couple fabrics from the quilt top itself to tie things together, but you have complete free reign to use your creativity! You could even do both of them the same color for a more subtle look.

2. Cut strips

The strips should be 1.75 inches and 1.5 inches wide. The wider one is the one that will be the accent piece, tucked on the inside. In the example above, my wider strips were the blue/teal color. Cut enough strips to go around the perimeter of your quilt.

3. Sew like strips together

Easy peasy - sew them end to end to make looooooong tails.

4. Press seams open

On your long tails, press the seams open. This will make them less thick and easier to sew over when you’re attaching them to each other and to the quilt itself.

5. Sew both strips together

Sew the right-sides of your two “tails” together, length wise. After you do this, you will have one gigantic “tail”.

6. Press seam towards the thin side

To make folding easier, you’ll want to press your seam on your gigantic “tail” towards the “thin” side. What this means, is you press the seam towards the strip that is 1.5 in wide. In my example above, that meant I pressed towards the navy blue.

7. Fold in half and iron

Next, you’ll fold the “tail” in half and press it right down the middle. When you do this, you’ll see that the thicker strip (in my example, the blue/teal) shows on both sides of the pressed “tail”. This is intentional, as you’ve now created the two-toned look.

You are now ready to attach your binding strips to the quilt top! Next week, we will do part 2 of the series to show you how to do that!

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  • Carolyn Knees
Comments 9
  • Melody

    Have you considered doing video tuts? I’m confused.

  • Ali Jones
    Ali Jones

    I’m very keen to try this! It looks amazing! But can I use this with the pre-cut pre-folded binding tape I’ve already prepared for the quilt (as the bigger strip)?

  • Pat Jones
    Pat Jones

    When will you show part 2?

  • Pat Jones
    Pat Jones

    when is part 2???

  • Violet Young
    Violet Young

    That is magic. Thanks you!!

  • Sherry

    This is so pretty and different! Will try it when I take up quilting after I retire & am settled in my retirement home!

  • Rebecca

    Thanks so much for sharing
    I love this site. Everything I have ordered have been quality products and came quickly

  • Peggy Dean
    Peggy Dean

    I love this idea. Sometimes you get stuck in a rut and need to be reminded that little details like this make the quilt more interesting!

  • Sue Johnson
    Sue Johnson

    Thank you for sharing that. I will try it. Love it.

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