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Hi readers! Happy Tuesday!

I’ve really enjoyed reflecting on past projects and well-loved quilts these last few weeks with you as we went on a journey with the Quilter’s Mart family and some of our own personal “Why I Sew” moments.

But this week, I want to start a new recurring segment called, “what I’m working on right now”. It won’t be a series, per-say. But when the spirit moves me, I will sprinkle in the opportunity to show you all what I’m currently working on!

Let’s dive in! No surprise, I’ve got friends/family that are cooking some babies at the moment. It seems that the pregnant ladies come in waves in my life, and we’re definitely riding a big one at the moment!

Two of the babies I’m making quilts for are due within a week of each other in May, with baby showers even sooner. Time is running out, and I’m starting to feel the heat! I figured it was time to get started, or else I’d find myself in a panic.

I pulled out the fabrics I had chosen, since thankfully I had already done the “shopping”. One quilt got the fabric store/online shopping treatment, and the other one - I’m very proud to say! - was all “purchased” from my very own stash! And - even better! - all but one of those fabrics are repeats from past projects! Look at me being eco-friendly, thrifty, and inventive! *toot toot* (<-- that’s my horn! I’m tootin’ it!)

I decided not to wing it (for once!) and actually use patterns this time around. Believe it or not, it has been over a year (gosh, could it be even longer than that?!) since the last time I used a pattern, so I’m feeling a little apprehensive, but I’ll give it a go.

What a mess of creativity!

Fabric selections in-hand, I grabbed my pile of quilting books and magazines, and even a binder I made full of patterns I’ve collected over the years, and I sat myself on the couch to find something that would fit the colors and prints I had.

The pattern I selected for Baby Boy quilt

It took me about 45 minutes, as well as several intense internal battles, but I got my patterns selected! For both quilts!

I’m starting on one for a sweet baby boy. His mama prefers a more neutral color palette, and I was informed that the nursery would have a woodland theme. I happened to have fabrics to work with that request in my stash, so I’m off to the races!

Cutting on my kitchen table

I’ve spent only one afternoon on it so far, but I’m pretty excited about the progress and how the colors play together. The mint-green trees felt like they stuck out a bit at first, and I was concerned they might not be the right choice. But the more I stare at the fabrics, the better I feel about those trees!

Even got some sewing done!

What are you working on right now? What stage are you at, and who is it for?

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  • Carolyn Knees
Comments 3
  • Karen Graham Harrill
    Karen Graham Harrill

    I am on the home stretch of hand quilting “Americana” , a JoAnne BOM that I gradually accumulated from clearance bins and EBay. I used one of their prior ones ,“Sunny Day” to guide me into constructing my first bed sized quilt about 20 years ago. I had hoped this one would encourage my teenagers to try sewing – and they did make a few of the blocks on my machine. They are over 21 and living in other cities, but both requested sewing machines to be able to create gifts and alter their own clothes.

    I am working my way through the outer borders and expect it completed in another few weeks. My May Born Baby Girl is getting married in late October – so her sampler in Reds, White, Grays and Black is starched and hanging awaiting sandwiching. I need to get quilting on it soon.

    Otherwise, I am participating in several BOM (4 online and 2 from books) and giving one day each week to sewing pillowcases, shopping bags, baby quilts, placemats, and small pillows to give to hospitals, cancer center, and nursing homes. It’s amazing how quickly the flannel bought on sale and my scrap bag get put to a special new purpose.

  • Juna Hamilton
    Juna Hamilton

    I am making my first bag for my very special friend of 40 years. I put a braided front and back of the blue color range.

  • Julie Miller
    Julie Miller

    I am finishing a lap quilt I started nearly a year ago. Our quilt guild here in Mexico has a challenge each month of which I am in charge of coming up with the calendar of categories for the year. One was “9 patch”. Being fairly new at quilting, I googled it for inspiration and found a double disappearing 9 patch. Since we don’t have quilt shops anywhere near here and fabric stores are more than an hour away I decided to make it a “scrappy double disappearing 9 patch” using up my bits and pieces.

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