Who Do You Sew With?


Happy Tuesday, everyone! This week I’d like to hear from all of you about your quilting community.

As you may already know, I rarely sew alone. I almost always seek out company, whether it be my son Lewis, my mother-in-law Nancy the Quilting Goddess, or one of my friends who quilt.

Most activities are made better with company, but I have to say, this is especially the case with quilting. I'm a bit embarrassed to share this, but to illustrate that I truly don't work at home, take a look at my sewing table (see the picture below. Yikes!). It is covered in a bunch of stuff that I haven’t given a permanent home to, and it honestly doesn’t get in my way because I so rarely sew at home (i.e. alone).

Nancy the Quilting Goddess’ house is a natural gathering spot for quilters, and she welcomes so many people into her creative space. I go there to work on my projects on weekends, and it’s not uncommon for me to bring a friend who is just learning and needs her mentorship, or someone who wants to borrow her longarm (our faithful buddy Lenni).

Quilter’s Mart Boss Lady, my sister-in-law Kim will often show up as well, sometimes with her daughter Peri in tow, and we make a party out of our sewing day, all four of us working away.

Another frequent flyer in our little sewing community is Nancy’s husband Tom. He just started a new project last weekend, and Nancy, Tom, and I all shared the sewing room all day. I was piecing, Nancy was on Lenni, and Tom was cutting up his new fabrics.

Meeting up in that space is so inspiring to me. It couples a productive day with good conversation and collaboration. If I ever get stuck or doubt a decision, there's always someone there to bounce ideas off of and find a way forward. Frustrations rarely last at Nancy the Quilting Goddess' house, because help is always there. And I truly feel that all my projects turn out better because of the creative, collaborative atmosphere that exists so naturally there.

Who do you sew with - friends/family? Are you a member of a guild? Do you attend a class? Or are you a lone wolf, preferring the quiet of working solo in your own space? Share in the comments, and tell us what you love about your quilting community!

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  • Carolyn Knees
Comments 9
  • Jeanne Uffmann
    Jeanne Uffmann

    I love to sew with others. We have a small group of Retired Family and Consumer Science teachers that get together and sew at one of the homes, once a month. She has an island and huge dining room table in her kitchen. We plan our projects accordingly so that we all are productive while we talk non stop.
    We also have another larger group that sews once a month at one of the churches in town. We can have as many as 15 friends that all bring a dish to pass…. lots of sewing, eating and laughing on those days, too.
    I also enjoy taking classes at my LQS. More people, more fun, more ideas….
    I find that when I sew outside of the home, my sewing machine doesn’t make it back upstairs to my sewing room like it should and I sew downstairs where I can be by the family😊

  • Terry Mawhorter
    Terry Mawhorter

    I sew with friends in my town & different friends in the town 30 minutes away. I sew at home & I sew with my sis at her house! It’s all good! 👍🏻😊💕💕

  • Geraldine Gordon
    Geraldine Gordon

    I quilt alone. There is no one I know that loves to sew as much as I do. My sister lives in Campbell River and my sister inlaw lives in Prince Rupert. I turn on my music and get lost in a world of creativity.

  • Donna

    I agree I have always been more productive when you have someone else in the room, it makes it a great time.

  • Terry Mawhorter
    Terry Mawhorter

    I am in a sew/craft group, a quilting group & my sister & I quilt together! Because two of my daughters live on the East Coast, we can’t physically be together…..so once a month I Skype with them & we sew projects! It’s awesome because it feels like we are together! 😊💕

  • SShirley SHank
    SShirley SHank

    There are seven of us that get together on Wednesdays at one of the ladies place. We all have a machine that we leave in the sewing cottage. Some weeks that is the only day I am at the sewing machine. I really enjoy that day so much.

  • Patricia

    I quilt weekly with a group of gals who are now friends. We have a teacher but I seldom need her advice. We also have quilt retreats twice a year that are loads of fun. I would hate to give this up.

  • diane andress
    diane andress

    Hi well I do belong to a guild I sew mainly alone but also with friends….I am very fortunate to work at a quilt shop, the owners allow the staff to come to the store on sundays or whenever the store is closed for business and sew..
    I am also fortunate that we have in May and September with two different groups a sewing camp The Quilt Barn has a week of sewing eating and a little wine might be passed around a group of about forty ladies we laugh giggle help each other and display our works We sew eat and sleep there .It is rustic as it is a kids summer camp.We bring our toiletries linen food..the meals are shared and clean up as well.I have been going for nineteen years now and hope to be going even longer.The next quilt sewing camp Is provided by Francine Germaine, doing the same things…So we have two weeks in May and two weeks in September.
    Gem Sewing provides classes especially for beginners….introducing them to all aspects of quilting and sewing. I also enjoy sewing in my sewing room…with the television on or music especially if it is a difficult pattern

  • jeanne mccallum
    jeanne mccallum

    Greetings from Western Massachusetts…Your SHARING has merit! I wish I could say I share like you do but , no, I sew alone,,
    I turn 80 tomorrow, in fairly Good Health , and do wish I could Click my heels and be in a Vermont home with space for similar sewers such as you write about. I am in a 800+sq. ft. Condo… with one bedroom filled with cloth, Ironing Board up 24/7,and Crafty Stuff. Happy about that. I have been sewing at my machine in my bedroom since it’s windows face South for early morning sewing and Great Light. Here is to More Hand Made Quilts in the World- Jeanne

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