Who Do You Sew With?


Happy Tuesday, everyone! This week I’d like to hear from all of you about your quilting community.

As you may already know, I rarely sew alone. I almost always seek out company, whether it be my son Lewis, my mother-in-law Nancy the Quilting Goddess, or one of my friends who quilt.

Most activities are made better with company, but I have to say, this is especially the case with quilting. I'm a bit embarrassed to share this, but to illustrate that I truly don't work at home, take a look at my sewing table (see the picture below. Yikes!). It is covered in a bunch of stuff that I haven’t given a permanent home to, and it honestly doesn’t get in my way because I so rarely sew at home (i.e. alone).

Nancy the Quilting Goddess’ house is a natural gathering spot for quilters, and she welcomes so many people into her creative space. I go there to work on my projects on weekends, and it’s not uncommon for me to bring a friend who is just learning and needs her mentorship, or someone who wants to borrow her longarm (our faithful buddy Lenni).

Quilter’s Mart Boss Lady, my sister-in-law Kim will often show up as well, sometimes with her daughter Peri in tow, and we make a party out of our sewing day, all four of us working away.

Another frequent flyer in our little sewing community is Nancy’s husband Tom. He just started a new project last weekend, and Nancy, Tom, and I all shared the sewing room all day. I was piecing, Nancy was on Lenni, and Tom was cutting up his new fabrics.

Meeting up in that space is so inspiring to me. It couples a productive day with good conversation and collaboration. If I ever get stuck or doubt a decision, there's always someone there to bounce ideas off of and find a way forward. Frustrations rarely last at Nancy the Quilting Goddess' house, because help is always there. And I truly feel that all my projects turn out better because of the creative, collaborative atmosphere that exists so naturally there.

Who do you sew with - friends/family? Are you a member of a guild? Do you attend a class? Or are you a lone wolf, preferring the quiet of working solo in your own space? Share in the comments, and tell us what you love about your quilting community!

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