Why I Quilt - Episode 4


We’re back with another “Why I Quilt” post! I hope you’re all submitting your own stories and pictures as well. We’ll be featuring them on Instagram and Facebook, and if you want a chance to be showcased and win some prizes, learn how by clicking HERE.

Today I’m going to do another Nancy the Quilting Goddess post. This time, featuring two other Quilter’s Mart babies - Peregrine (Peri - 5.5 years old) and Hawley (a leap-day baby who is technically still 0, but has actually been here for nearly 3 years)!

They’re my niece and nephew, children of Quilter’s Mart Boss Lady (my sister-in-law), Kim, and Nancy’s grandchildren number 6 and 8 overall, numbers 1 and 3 of the biological group.

Grammy Nancy with Hawley, Peri, and their big-kid quilts

You may recognize them from some of the Quilter’s Mart social media posts. And you may also recognize Peri as the NICU baby we mentioned during the Charitable Quilting series.

Peri, in particular, has been a frequent recipient of Nancy-Originals. As the first biological grandchild of Nancy the Quilting Goddess, to say there was some enthusiasm about her arrival would be an understatement!

Peri sleeps with her big-girl quilt every night!

The extra cool thing about Peri now that she’s a capable, grown-up 5-year-old, is that she has actually taken some interest in quilting herself and is currently working on her very own quilt with Grammy Nancy!

Hawley's dinosaur big-boy quilt has been a hit from day 1!

Hawley, as mentioned above, was a leap-day baby! He hasn’t actually had a birthday since his birth-day, but at the end of this coming February, he’ll have been earthside for 3 years.

Peri and Hawley, as well as all cousins (both biological and step), are so lucky to have Nancy hugs at their disposal whenever they want! Because that’s what quilts are, right? Hugs from the quilt-maker that we get to keep?

We can’t wait to see all of your submissions! To submit - click HERE

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