The Quilted Life with Carolyn


How to Use a Rotary Cutter 0

Ever figured out how to use the rotary cutter—or how to use it correctly? Professor Pincushion explains the ins and outs of rotary cutting. Watch and learn how to use it and  take care of it properly. Change the way you cut fabric with rotary cutting!

If you’re one of those quilters who has a hard time keeping your patterns from shifting while you cut, this is the video for you!  Get some vital tips on maintaining your cutter, changing your blades, using your mat and taking care of it, benefiting from your ruler, actually cutting your fabric pieces—and more!

Beginner Free Motion Quilting (Machine Quilting) Tutorial 2

We’ve received so many inquiries on how to do this yourself, on your own machine—and we’re sharing the lowdown with you!

Missouri Star Quilt Company features the mother and daughter partnership of Jenny Doan and Hillary Sperry to provide you a fun, simple beginner’s guide on free-motion quilting that should give you the leg-up you need to start doing your own machine quilting at home. Don’t you worry about your stitches being a little uneven in the beginning! Hillary assures us that as you practice, your stitches get more even. Correct practice makes a perfect quilt. Happy quilting! 

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