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Pattern Followers vs. Pattern Creators 16

Welcome back for another week, readers! Glad you found your way back. As always, thank you for your comments!

This week, I’d like to continue with our “Quilter’s Mart Personality Test” a la the Myers Briggs Personality test. So far, we have:

Fabric Hoarders vs. Fabric Minimalists


Project Multitaskers vs. Project one-at-a-timers

 Our next category is: Pattern Followers vs. Pattern Creators


Are you a Pattern Follower.....

Photo by Andrew Ridley on Unsplash

Or a Pattern innovator.....

Photo by Vanessa Ives on Unsplash

This category is a little bit less “either or” and more of a spectrum, I think. But if I had to pick one for myself, I think I lean towards the Pattern Creator side of things.

Even when I work with a pattern, I usually do something to change it to better suit my mood. But more often than not, I’ll just make something up as I go along.

When I adapt a pattern, it is usually scaling it up or down in size, adding or taking away borders, or sometimes even incorporating a 3D element. But generally speaking, it ends up recognizably related to the original pattern.

When I go completely rogue, I love to make a bunch of triangles and see how I can put them together in a fun new way. Or piece together a 4-square and then slice it up, rotate some pieces, and sew it back together. Or do strips with more interesting pieces sewn in to disrupt the flow and make it more visually appealing.


Fat Quarters - 9 Pc Lot - Mixed Purple Floral Cotton Fabric Set

Fabric by Quilter's Mart

The beauty of free-styling, to me, is that I can go wherever my creativity takes me, and there is an infinite number of possible outcomes! I often don’t know where the end will be until I get there. And that is a thrill!

The downside to making up my own pattern is that I end up having to do a lot of math. Adding all those seam allowances so the puzzle pieces end up fitting together can sometimes turn my brain into mush. But it is always worth the extra work, and I'm sure my high school geometry teacher would be proud.

Where do you land on the spectrum? Are you a devoted Pattern Follower? Or do you freestyle and call yourself a Pattern Creator?



Multi-Tasker vs. One-at-a-Timers 31

Well hello! As always, I have to say a big thanks to everyone for their comments on last week’s post. I wish I could reply to your comments individually, but I’ll have to survive with a (pun alert!) big blanket thank you (ha!). I hope you know that I read every single comment and I feel so inspired by your messages.

I was comforted last week by the solidarity shown from my fellow fabric hoarders. It seems like there are a lot of us out there! And it got me thinking…

I’m getting a “Myers-Briggs Personality Test” vibe off of the “either or” categories. Are you familiar with that? It’s a personality test you take which gives you a 4 letter personality classification. Each letter stands for a specific trait. For example, extroverted (E) vs. introverted (I), thinking (T) vs feeling (F), etc. I am an ENFJ, last I checked.

After last week’s post, all we need is three more categories and we will have our very own “Quilter’s Mart Personality Test”. And I’ve already come up with the second category!

Just like there are hoarders vs. minimalists, our next pairing is “multitaskers vs. one-at-a-timers”.

I am definitely a multitasker. I always have more than one quilting project in progress - I’d say I average around 4-5 projects at once! Sometimes this is out of necessity, because there are so many babies on the way with looming baby shower deadlines. Other times, I get too excited about too many things and can’t keep myself focused on just one of them.

And sometimes I am working on a really large project that takes an especially long time, so I need a break from it to mix it up and get re-inspired. Working on a king-size quilt, for example, means that I don’t get the satisfaction of “finishing” a project for ages. But if I throw a table runner in the mix, I’ll get to the finish line much more quickly, which (pun alert!) scratches the (st)itch (ha!) and allows me to go back to the king-size with renewed energy.

The contrast is one-at-a-timers, or those who tend more towards focusing on one project from start to finish before beginning another. This seems like a more streamlined way to approach quilting, giving your all to one quilt instead of dividing your attention.

What category do you fall into? Multitasker or one-at-a-timer? Why do you prefer that method?

P.S. Next week, we'll delve into category 3 of the Quilter's Mart Personality Test!

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