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How To Use The Blind Hem Foot 0

How to use the blind hem foot by Babs Rudlin also known as The Fiery Phoenix. This foot is part of the extremely popular 32 Presser Foot Set available at Quilters Mart.

No need to be confused about folding, flipping and turning the fabric. This is a clear easy to understand tutorial for using a blind hem foot with your sewing machine to create the perfect blind hem.

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How To Make Over 5m of Bias Binding from 1 Fat Quarter 0

With only 2 seams and 2 cuts you can create a length of over 5 yards of continuous bias binding from a single fat quarter!

Babs walks us through the process step by simple step. Make your own custom bias binding with ease. Perfect finishes for bags, quilts, clothes, toys and so much more!

So lets get Sewing.... 

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Quilting With Triangles 0

"TeresaDownUnder" wasn't always 'Down Under' in fact she was born in Spain where she learned needlecraft from her mother. After moving to Australia she lost the bug for a while bit now she is back with a passion.

We enjoy her tutorials a lot. They are super simple and easy to follow. Wequilting with triangles all know that making a tutorial that gets the message across simply is not an easy task. Teresa puts a lot of effort into this. This is about working with triangles but Teresa shows us how to make a placemat using two interlaced hexagons. This is an easy quilting project but a good one...

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Make Fast 9 Patches from Fat Quarters 0

This is a great little tutorial from Susan-Claire Mayfield - The Gourmet Quilter. Susan has been quilting since the seventies encouraged by her mum and avid quilter.

Here she makes some fast 9 patches from fat quarters, a nine patch being a block with nine patches. Much quicker than using individual 2 1/2 inch squares.

fast 9 patches from fat quartersLay the sewn and pressed strips off set on top of each other and then slice with a sharp blade into 2 1/2 inch slices. On the first cut there is enough for a whole block.

Then back the seams when sewing together and feel your way through while sewing the seams. Getting your seams to but like this will eliminate any anomalies. 

First she cuts 2 1/2 inch strips from the fat quarters ensuring she has enough for 5 of the stronger color and 4 of the lighter. Then sew together with 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Just make sure you get the right seams together when joining colors.

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Straight Line Machine Quilting Tutorial 0

Straight line quilting

with jaqui gering of craftsy

Do you ever have a problem with the last line on your quilt - it’s kind of too late at that point. Right? Learn how to make small adjustments as you go so you can eliminate that depressing realisation.

Do you want your lines to be straight…and remain straight?

Jaqui says that everyone has a tendency, some veer to the left, some veer to the right. Whats your tendency?

See how Jaqui uses tape to establish a base line, careful what tape you use though. See what she means by a registration line and how to quilt from the centre moving towards that line. Pay attention to where she places the presser foot and watch those hands….

Now thats a nice straight line Jaqui.......

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Easy Machine Quilting Tutorial With Leah Day 0

For all you machine quilters out there here's an excellent tutorial by Leah Day on lines and circles. It's made for beginners but you may pick up a couple of tips about using presser feet.
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