Second Quarter Voting


Our first quarter winner, Sandy, sure was fun! She had a beautiful story and a passion for quilting and helping her community with her craft. She immediately hoped on the shop and spent her gift card, and sent us a picture of her with her QM goodies. We followed up with her to learn more and share her story. Catch it here LINK.



Who will be our Q2 winner? $50 gift card and QM goodies will be sent their way! Please help us out and VOTE! 

To recap, here are our Q2 monthly winners. We encourage you to re read their stories before you vote. Be inspired!

Theresa from Alabama (USA)

Joy from Queensland (AUS)

Donna from Kansas (USA)

Donna from Georgia (USA)

Carol of Manitoba (CAN)

Jodie from Wisconsin (USA)


Ready to vote? - CLICK HERE!



Have you entered our contest yet? It's easy to enter, and you could win prizes! Learn more -> CLICK HERE


January Winners 

Anita from Virginia - LINK

Sandra from Georgia - LINK


February Winners

Terri from California - LINK

Fran from Tennessee - LINK


March Winners

Rhonda from Victoria - LINK

Sandy from Michigan - LINK


Q1 Winner

Sandy from Michigan - LINK


April Winners

Carol of Manitoba - LINK

Jodie from Wisconsin - LINK


May Winners

Donna of Kansas - LINK

Donna of Georgia - LINK


June Winners

Joy of Queensland - LINK

Theresa of Alabama - LINK

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  • Dylan Toomey
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