February Winner! Terri from California (USA) 1

Our second February winner, Terri, had a fun sense of humor in her story. 

Quilting for family

Here is her story:

"This is my niece, Jessica. She has been thru a very trying time the past two years, and I wanted to make her a special quilt to show my support for her health battle...which she is winning. I live in California and I've been quilting about 5-6 years. I played a trick on my niece, gave her the throw pillow first, she was very happy, said she needed a small cushion on the armrest in her car...then I gave her the quilt and she was thrilled!"


Quilting for Family


Quilted Throw Pillow


Quilt Detail

February Winner! Fran from Tennessee (USA) 0

Fran's story was short and sweet. She made a Quilt of Valor for her son, Thomas. She has been quilting for about 10 years and says sewing for Veterans is her passion. Her image really connected with our community, I feel it radiates warmth and love. This is why we sew!

Mother and Son with Quilt


Thank you for sharing Fran, and congratulations! 


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