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First Quarter Voting 1

Welcome to the Q1 Voting Hub!!


All of our entries for the "WHY I Sew" competition have been so fun to see! The #QMCommunity is obviously filled with people who share their lives and their craft with loved ones and strangers alike, folks in need of help and folks celebrating life's many accomplishments.
January, February and March had some pretty touching stories that were crowned winners of the month. Now it's time to vote for your favorite story of these winners! The quarterly winner will receive a $50 gift card to the Quilters Mart shop and a special gift from the team here at QM!
We're really excited to crown the winner! Read up on the stories, and go vote for your favorite!


January Winners 

Anita from Virginia - LINK

Sandra from Georgia - LINK



February Winners

Terri from California - LINK

Fran from Tennessee - LINK



March Winners

Rhonda from Victoria - LINK

Sandy from Michigan - LINK




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January Winner! Anita from Virginia (USA) 2

Our first winner was Anita, in January. Anita's story is pretty special and really resonated within the #QMCommunity. Anita received a ton of comments, shares, encouragement and affection for her project. Here is her story:


Memory Quilt


"This is a memory quilt made for my Cousin from her deceased husband’s clothing. He was a farmer in rural Kentucky and loved his tractors. I pieced the tractors out of his old shirts, and placed the tractors on a dirt road horizontal sashing and trees in the vertical sashing. I added billowing blue cloud fabric for the sky. I sew because I love knowing that when I make a memory quilt, it becomes a tangible item to snuggle under and be reminded of those we love. I enjoy reliving memories from every shirt I cut and sew and telling those stories when I deliver the quilt. I have been sewing since childhood, now 52. I was able to take it up full time again about 7 years ago and love every minute of it."


Thank you for sharing Anita, and congratulations! 

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