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Kim from Oregon, USA (Owner of Quilters Mart) 0

Baby Quilt


This is Hawley. He was born on leap day back in 2016. This energetic, talkative little boy is now 3 years old. Opinionated and full of hilarious sentences; his baby quilt hangs on his crib waiting for him to be old enough to fully appreciate a blanket.  

I have been quilting for about 14 years. My mom is a quilting queen and has continued to inspire my love for this craft. I am so happy to share my efforts with both of my babies, as well as all kinds of my friends' babies!

We want to encourage you to share your passion of this craft with those you love, and those who need the gift of warmth and love. That's why we've created the "Why I Sew" campaign. We want to see your quilts with their owners! Thank you for participating!

-Kim from Oregon (USA) | Owner of Quilters Mart



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