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Today we are pleased to share a very touching story that really embodies the "WHY I Sew" intention. Please read Emma's story from North Carolina

Girl with Quilt

"I've been sewing for 13 years and quilting for 8. This is my first t-shirt quilt.  It was something I never expected to be making, but here I am seven months later.  My cousin died September 21, 2018 at 31 of acute fentanyl poisoning, leaving behind an 8.5 year old daughter.  I was very close to her and her daughter, Amber.  They helped my world go round!  Amber moved up north 5 hours away from me to live with her dad full-time.  With so much trauma revolving around the death for us all, I wanted to do something special for Amber.  I found all of these amazing quotes that she had written down on notebook paper with highlighter and pen.  Since I don't hand embroider, I sent digital copies of them off to Morgan at "Meant to be Embroidered" on Etsy.  She did an incredible job copying the handwriting onto fabric.  I took some of Melissa's (my late cousin) shirts from her closet and goodwill bins that she never got around to donating and cut them up.  I arranged them with ten quotes and ten shirt blocks and sititched them up.  The batting was an old blanket from Kohl's that Melissa bought when Amber was about 20 months old because she kept stealing Melissa's!  The backing was Melissa's favorite dark purple (fitted) sheet.  Amber doesn't necessarily like to talk about her mom in the past tense (and neither do I), but this got her talking about it a little bit.  It was awesome to see her reaction to it.  I've included three pictures: one that I took at home and two at the hotel we stayed at this weekend for her birthday." 


Memory Quilt


Girl with Quilt


Thank you for sharing your story Emma. 



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