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Why are we doing this contest?

We think the beauty of quilting is layered.  There is the obvious aesthetic pleasure that comes from the combination of color, pattern and fabric selections.  Quilts provide very effective warmth - great for everyone from newborns to the elderly.  There is also this incredible connection that comes from spending substantial time working to create a gift of warmth and love uniquely crafted for someone.  A mutual bond is formed between the creator and the recipient.  We want to live in this feeling! 

We want you to share pictures of your beautiful creations with the people who will love them moving forward.  Whether you are a beginner or a professional, creating a quilt for a brand new baby or a stranger - we want to see it!

TO ENTER CONTEST: Simply click the button below, provide a picture of the quilt WITH the recipient of the quilt and share some information with us!

SUBMIT ENTRY NOW (This should open a new email for you, if it doesn't - scroll down below for more instructions. Don't forget the picture!)

Sleeping Child with Quilt


All qualifying entries will be shared with the International QM Community.  Winners will be determined by a combination of social media likes & shares + QM Community voting poll.
  • Monthly Winners will receive 30% Discount to use in QuiltersMart shop + entry into Year End Finale Contest!
  • Quarterly Winners will receive $50 QuiltersMart Gift Card + QM goodies. 
  •  Annual Winner will receive $200 Gift Card + QM hoodie of their choice!

SUBMIT ENTRY NOW (This should open a new email for you, if it doesn't - scroll down below for more instructions. Don't forget the picture!)

Quilt Top Piecing

Rules for Entry 

  • Pictures and Quilts must be your own, or submitted on behalf of the owner with permission.
  • Single entry per Quilt/Recipient.  Multiple entries per recipient OK - must be a different quilt.
  • The recipient could be you!  Self care is important, if your quilt for yourself - that counts!  Snap a picture of yourself with your quilt.
  • Entry may include multiple pictures.
  • Entry is approval for Quilters Mart use of picture for social media and marketing purposes
  • Entry will add your email address to the QM newsletter


Entry Instructions (if the above links don't work!)

  • Send email to
  • Include the following information:
    • Your Name:
    • Recipient Name:
    • Relationship to Recipient:
    • Where you live (Rough location is ok):
    • Information about your Quilt, or story you'd like to share:
    • How long have you been Quilting?
    • PICTURES! Multiple pictures are great, but to qualify for entry you MUST have a picture of your quilt WITH the recipient. 


Check out some of the past winners!

January Winners 

Anita from Virginia - LINK

Sandra from Georgia - LINK


February Winners

Terri from California - LINK

Fran from Tennessee - LINK


March Winners

Rhonda from Victoria - LINK

Sandy from Michigan - LINK


Q1 Winner

Sandy from Michigan - LINK


April Winners

Carol of Manitoba - LINK

Jodie from Wisconsin - LINK


May Winners

Donna of Kansas - LINK

Donna of Georgia - LINK


June Winners

Joy of Queensland - LINK

Theresa of Alabama - LINK

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  • Dylan Toomey
Comments 3
  • Jacque Wolske
    Jacque Wolske

    I love looking at all the quilt projects and the little projects. I am an inexperienced quilter myself but trying to get better.

  • Rita

    do you have the name of the quilt pattern Sandy our March winner used? I would appreciate so much to make quilt for m granddaughter.thank you I do enjoy your site

  • Linda Crown
    Linda Crown

    I sew for the simple pleasure of the creative outlet. I enjoy giving homemade items as gifts. Each gift is a package of love and a piece of myself. Anyone can buy something, but not everyone is willing to give the of the time and effort – a piece of themselves.

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