6-Piece Mixed Floral Series Cotton Linen Fabric Lot

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Product Description

Perfect for quilting, patchwork, beddings, and the like, this stunning set of eco-friendly floral fabrics is a perfect material for your quilting, patchwork, clothing and docoration projects!

Each of the 6 fabrics is cut into precise shapes, appropriate for creating quilts, costumes, decorations, baby clothes, and other sewing crafts. The patterns and prints are various floral designsso you can create a fun and spirited project, or use each of the fabric separately for a different craft!


  • 6 pieces of fabric in different floral designs including modern and vintage aesthetics!
  • Cotton Twill materials are soft and breathable
  • Each fabric is cut in 15.7" x 19.7” (40 x 50 cm) measurements



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