The Smart Quilter Mystery Box

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Getting a package in the mail is fun when you know what it is. It's even more fun when you don't! In a world where the answer to every question is moments away on google - do you ever feel like it would be exciting to introduce some mystery in your life? We sure do! 

Introducing The Smart Quilter Mystery Box; A way to introduce a little mystery into your life, or the life of your sewing companions! The Smart Quilter Mystery Box will be available quarterly. This box will ship September 23, 2019 from Portland, Oregon.

We’ve designed two very special ways to spice up your fabric stash;

  • Colorway Stash – We commonly hear that color is the primary driver of fabric buying decisions. We’re curating a very special, colorway specific collection that will put you on trend and be the envy of all who see your creations! Our selected color is beautiful, we can’t wait for you to see it! You’ll receive at least 5.5 yards of fabric and a couple special color aligned goodies.
  • Bargain Basket – For those of us who shop the sales, hunt the bargains and pride themselves on being professional value shoppers – this option is for you! We’ve scoured our suppliers’ inventories and are working to bring you a cohesive bargain fabric option that you will love to brag about. You’ll receive over 5 yards of beautiful fabric!

These boxes are on a strictly limited supply, first come first served! Reserve your box today!

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