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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with unparalleled value on quilting and sewing supplies and gifts.

Our team works closely with our global factory suppliers and manufacturers to bring the best deals on fabric, notions and specialty gifts directly to our customers. We have offers for both professionals and enthusiasts alike and we pride ourselves on our customer service.

Our partners are located throughout the world, the USA, China, Europe, Dubai etc. By leveraging these relationships, we get the best deals and can pass this value direct to you, our customer.

Shipping direct from factories worldwide takes a bit longer to receive products. Orders can take between 3 and 6 weeks to arrive (depending on the product). It's common for your order to be shipped in multiple shipments. Our aim is to bring you the best prices, so orders are often shipped directly from the manufacturer.  

 Our Team


We are located in Portland, Oregon and have been in business since 2016. Quilts are a big part of our lives; they keep us warm in the cold Oregon winters, they travel with us to outdoor summer concerts, they make great backdrops for our baby pictures, they keep us united while enjoying stargazing in the Oregon wilderness. Aside from their functionality, they are therapeutic in so many ways - quilt creation is therapeutic, gifting a quilt creates a timeless loving bond and they create heat and comfort in times of need. These are the reasons we feel so passionately about this business.

We are currently building our fourth generation of quilters right now! The passion started with Grammy Nancy, who passed the quilting bug onto her daughter Kimberly and daughter-in-law Carolyn. Kimberly and Carolyn both have babies of their own who are curious about these beautiful (and time consuming!) crafts that are constantly under construction, being gifted to others, and keeping all of us warm in the cold Oregon winters as we snuggle together 

Our aim is to give you the best valued products that help you get the most out of your projects.  We are dedicated to keeping you happy in your quilting endeavors.  If you ever need help, support or have general questions with anything just contact the support team and we will be happy to help.

It's best to reach us via email at Support@QuiltersMart.com

We can also be contacted at:

PO Box 11773

Portland, Or 97211


Tel: (530) 459-8147

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