1/4" Quilting Patchwork Sewing Foot

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Product Description

Eliminate swerving and guarantee an exact seam with this quilting patchwork sewing foot! Featuring raised markings along the sides of the foot for easy and flawless pivoting, you can sew an exact ¼ seam or a perfect ¼ topstitch with this amazing sewing must-have.

Perfect for sewing quilting patchwork, this comes with a guide to which you can run your fabric alongside, and completely ensure swerve-free stitching. Say goodbye to tedious tasks that you used to do by hand!


  • High-quality durable material for lasting use
  • Suitable for domestic sewing machines AA7019
  • Ideal for domestic sewing machines (the old sewing machine with the presser foot holder can be used directly)
  • Eliminates swerving to guarantee an exact ¼ seam or ¼ topstitch
  • Perfect for sewing quilting patchwork
  • Comes with a guide to help create a swerve-free stitch
  • No more tedious tasks done by hand


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: Approximately 1.38” x .55” x 0.26” (3.5cm x 1.4cm x 0.65cm)

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