32 Piece Presser Foot Set

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This great value 32 piece pressser foot set has a presser foot for every job. It's got every foot you will need at one great price. Our customers love this set because it saves them time and gives them better results.

Will They Fit My Sewing Machine?

Most machines built after 1980 have low shank snap on feet, these machines will work with this set.


  Package includes 32 Presser Feet:

  1. Fringe Foot
  2. Piping Foot
  3. Braiding Foot
  4. Pearl Piping Cording Foot
  5. 9 Grooves Pintuck Foot
  6. 7 Grooves Pintuck Foot
  7. Concealed Zipper Foot
  8. 5 Hole Cording Foot
  9. 6mm Round Rolled Hemming Foot
  10. Teflon Snap on Foot
  11. Open Toe Embroidery Foot   
  12. Open Toe Foot 
  13. 3 Hole Cording Foot
  14. 1/4" Metal Patchwork Quilting Foot
  15. Straight Stitch Foot
  16. 1/4" Quilting Foot with Guide


  1. Overcast Foot
  2. Satin Stitch Foot
  3. 7 Hole Cording Foot
  4. Edge Joining Stitch Foot
  5. Stitch Guide Foot
  6. Blind Stitch Foot 
  7. Gathering Foot
  8. 3mm Rolled Hemming Foot
  9. 6mm Rolled Hemming Foot
  10. 3mm Round Rolled Hemming Foot
  11. Roller Foot
  12. Embroidery Darning Foot
  13. Adjustable Binding Foot
  14. Quilting Darning Embroidery Foot
  15. Adjustable Zipper Foot
  16. Walking Foot/Knit Foot


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