6" Sewing Gauge Ruler for Hem Depth & Even Spaces

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Product Description

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This Sewing Gauge has loads different applications. The simple to use tool can be used to mark hem depth, space between button holes and button hole length. Also evenly space tucks and pleats with no stress. You can also use the gauge to draw scallop shapes and circles. The slider can be moved and will stay in place for repeated marking.

>>See video below to see how this gauge is used<<


  • Keeps your work accurate
  • Sliding measure -  sets distance for marking hems, tucks, pleats and buttonholes
  • Sliding marker - stays in place for repeated marking
  • Aluminum and plastic - hard wearing and durable
  • Position marker - so you can create circles and scallops


  • 6” long
  • Aluminium and plastic

Package includes:

  • 1 Sewing gauge
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