Clear Plastic Parallel Stitch Foot Presser

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Product Description

If you’ve been having problems evenly spacing or lining up your border designs, this is the answer!

This Mini Plastic Parallel Stitch Foot Presser helps you to easily align your border designs using the red lines of the foot. No need to manually mark every row!

The vertical red lines on the stitch foot are calibrated to allow perfect spacing of rows. On the other hand, the horizontal red line matches up with the needle drop so you can line up the start of each row. The small red mark indicates the center of the design to be lined up with the marking for the first row.


  • Helps ensure alignment or even spacing of border designs
  • To be used for one foot
  • Ideal for domestic multi-purpose sewing machines with a clip on foot holder 
  • Not compatible with industrial sewing machines, mini sewing machines, or old sewing machines 
  • Also compatible with domestic sewing machines



  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Clear
  • Size: 1.77” x .91” (4.5cm x 2.3cm)

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