Modern Holiday Tree Fabrics

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Product Description

Perfect for quilting, patchwork, beddings, and the like, this warming set of eco-friendly Modern holiday tree themed fabrics is a perfect material for your Christmas related decorations! 

Each of the 4 fabric options are cut into precise shapes, appropriate for creating costumes, decorations, baby clothes, and other sewing crafts. The patterns and prints are various modern winter themes so you can create comforting winter projects, or use each of the fabric separately for a different craft!


  • 4 fabric options of beautiful wintery designs
    • White Fabric | Yellow/Blue/White Trees
    • White Fabric | Red/Blue/White Trees
    • Blue Fabric | Yellow/Blue/White Trees
    • Grey Fabric | Red/Blue/White Trees
  • Cotton Twill materials are soft and breathable
  • Each fabric is about 1 yard 63" x 19-3/4” (50 x 160 cm) measurements



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