Multi-function Cross Stitch Organizer Kit

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Feeling frustrated with the mess of threads all tangled up, losing track of your colors and numbers, and perpetually looking for your pins, only to feel them digging into you later?


Here’s the solution to your cross-stitch woes! A multi-functional cross-stitch organizer, it organizes up to 30 threads for easy accessibility and safekeeping. The kit allows you to remove a strand, as needed, without twisting and knotting the thread together. With a central panel that allows you to efficiently track colors or numbers, it also provides a compact foam notches to allow you to put your pins in order and eliminate the confusion while working.


  • Organizes up to 30 different threads to eliminate tangles and confusion
  • Central panel easily tracks colors and numbers
  • With foam notches to get your pins in order



  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 7.09” x 4.33” (18cm x 11cm)
  • Available in 3 colors: Purple, Green and Rose


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