Presser Foot with Ruler Measurement

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Product Description

Effortlessly sew exact equidistant lines while topstitching or nail those curves on the cloth with this sewing machine presser foot. 

Perfect for sewing projects requiring utmost accuracy, such as garments or piecing while quilting, stitch precise seam allowances up to 3/4" wide.

Perfect for pop stitching.

Compatible with most home sewing machines, with low-shank system,

For best results:

  1. Select a stitch: straight stitch, curve stitch or decorative stitch.
  2. Keep a fixed seam when sewing. Keep the scale of the cloth and presser foot at right angles to achieve a good curve effect. 


  • Suitable for most home sewing machines
  • Simple snap on
  • Stitch lines milimeters apart
  • Can help sew straight lines and curves on your cloth
  • Able to sew exact equidistant lines
  • Has a ruler, edge-guide to ensure stitch accuracy

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