Sewing Themed Record Clock

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Product Description

This sewing themed clock is made from a recycled vinyl record made with attention and care. These records were up for disposal, so they’re receiving a new life as clocks. Those combination of recycled materials and high-quality finishes makes your wall exceptional!

The records are often old, each clock has an own story. All records are made with passion, therefore the design is original and make them perfect decoration on any wall. They look great in any place, does not matter if it’s a children’s room, playroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, office or hallway. 

Features a high quality silent floating balance mechanism so it's quiet and functional. Available with optional multi-functional LED light package! 16 Key remote controller  customizes the colors of the wall clock. The LED component is USB powered and the 5V DC adapter is included.



  • Made from a single recycled 12" record
  • Runs on (1) AA Battery (not included)

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