Walking Even Feed Presser Foot

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Product Description

User-friendly and convenient, this walking even feed presser foot offers a wide range of sewing and quilting features - at a price that’s easy on your budget.

It uses a walking-foot moving feed system that holds and moves fabric between the presser foot's upper feed dog and the machine's lower feed dogs for better control of difficult fabrics or when sewing multiple layers of fabric. The walking foot system is great for quilting, sewing when matching prints, plaids, or when fabric drift is an issue.

Adjustable at low or medium speed, it works well with materials like lawn, knit, vinyl, or even leather. Enjoy sewing, quilting and crafting with this super value-packed Walking Even Feed Presser Foot!


  • Uses the walking foot moving feed system for better control difficult fabrics or multiple layers of fabric
  • Adjustable sewing speed at low or medium
  • For low shank front and top loading sewing machines
  • Works well with materials like lawn, knit, vinyl, or leather
  • Great for quilting, sewing when matching prints, plaids or fabric drift is an issue




  • Weight: 80g
  • Feed Mechanism: Walking Foot
  • Stitch Formation: Quilting Presser Foot
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